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  • Good game! Yep, I had to be careful about Motor Drive but I just couldn't resist going for those Electric attacks :p Looking forward to our rematch!
    Ah sorry I've been kinda busy :/ I should be available most of the day tomorrow, what's a good time for you?
    Ah, yes, four-moveslot syndrome, my old foe (besides Steel types and bellyJet Azumarills.) I personally prefer Bullet punch, but, as I said before, if you don't want to change it I won't force you.
    Well, if you're comfortable with that set then I won't force you to change it. Anyway, good luck with the rest of the leauge. :)
    To quote Hades from Kid Icarus: Uprising: "Well that didn't go very well." Anyway, GG. And regarding feedback... I'm not that good when it comes to feedback, so all I can ask is this: why no Bullet punch on Metagross?
    That's just a matter of practice :)
    (Besides, you did beat me once as a Grass leader, even if I can't remember for shit how exactly the battle went XD)
    *I got beyond the 2000 characters limit, this is the second part*

    My win conditions are Staraptor, because it's a Staraptor and annihilates everything that doesn't resist the Flying/Normal combo, Diggersby, because it is scarfed and thus can outspeed both of your fast Pokes (Greninja, Espeon, to some extent - Charizard), and Chansey, because it is the only thing that can safely switch into YZard's Fire Blast/Heat Wave/Flamethrower
    Basically, it's not about hitting with SE moves and switching in resists, it's about taking out opponent's win conditions before he or she takes out yours. For instance, that is why I started spamming resisted Return when I switched Diggersby in - I knew that Zen Headbutt would not OHKO outside of a crit, but I couldn't risk a Braviary switch-in into EQ, an EVire switch-in into Wild Charge, or Metagross staying in to tank a Stone Edge. If I took the risk, something would've had to take damage for Diggersby for nothing

    Hope this helps. Your team is not comprised of the cream of OU Pokemon (and that is good), but it is definitely balanced (realistically, the only thing that you lack is a hazard setter) and can beat any of us if played right
    The miss on the Heat Wave didn't matter in the slightest - I was sacking Braviary there anyway (as I did when I sent it out against Electivire) and had one more free sack in Porygon-Z for the endgame, it would've simply been a 2-0

    In any case, good game. If you don't mind me saying, it feels like you're just trying to anticipate switch-ins and moves and act according to the typechart, whereas this is not entirely correct. You have to keep your win conditions (the Pokemon on your team that are keys to this specific battle) alive for as long as possible and take out whatever can harm them. For instance, in a matchup such as this your win conditions are Electivire, as it's the only thing that can reliably KO Chansey, Greninja, as it can outspeed and KO Staraptor, and Metagross, because it walls 4 Pokemon on my team out of 6 (3 Pokemon are hard-walled, and only Staraptor could potentialy try to do some damage with Close Combat, but it would never KO unless the Metagross is seriously weakened prior to that).
    ... That would be problematic, seeing as (acording to a time converter I found on the internet) 3 PM EST is 7 AM here.
    Yeah, I was just sitting and nervously laughing for about half a minute after I hit that yellow button (which is why I didn't make a move quickly), because I knew that a sweep was coming, and an Electivire sweep, of all things :D
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