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  • It's Sassy max spdef if i remember right, plus Sand. Your biggest mistake was going for the Magic Bounce back at me, I'm mono-dark - I was going to get my Rocks up one way or another, all you did was essentially kill your Espeon for nothing. Judging by the Agility, you have a WP Metagross, yeah? I would've stayed in and Agilitied twice (once on my Rocks, once on my Crunch) with Metagross, since your Bullet Punch would outprioritize all my Sucker Punchers at +4 Speed and force me to predict if you were going for BP or, like, Earthquake. That would've forced me into Mandibuzz, at which point you could do like 70% with a +2 Meteor Mash (or even more if you had gotten the boost with your first MM), putting me in a position where I'm essentially down both my physical and special walls (Mandibuzz and TTar) right at the start of the match. also, you need to get something with Rapid Spin or Defog. Espeon's all well and good, but your team is so SR weak you need a backup plan.
    Well, I'd swap Braviary for Staraptor, as it has the same STAB combination (although Braviary has more coverage options, Staraptor can dish out more damage with its Reckless-boosted STAB Double-Edge and Brave Bird, and doesn't get an Attack drop from Superpower because it can use Close Combat) and is much faster. I also think that Electivire may be swapped for something, namely a more versatile physical attacker or a wall/cleric.

    Other than that, I think you're set to conquer the league. :D
    GG. I was pretty much screwed from the very beginning when I incorrectlty predicted the lead (I expected a Greninja, which is why I lead with Venusaur), as I had to waste both my Special walls to wait out the Sun.
    Enjoy your badge :D
    Yeah very close, good game! Funny because I was the Psychic gym leader last season and I didn't use Espeon that much since people didn't bother with hazards, ironic that it came down to Espeon to finish me off :p

    Hmm it was a bit of a straightforward match, I was most surprised when my Cloyster went faster than Braviary (it's usually slower) but that ended up to my disadvantage XD It seems you have a good grasp of your team, I would suggest to have an answer against Stealth Rocks once they're out on the field as your team is weak against it. Be careful of faster Pokemon (see Weavile vs. Greninja) since you don't really have a Pokemon built to tank hits, if you can manage to predict a good switch-in that can help you out. All I can think of for now, congrats on your first badge and good luck with your other battles! :)
    Haha it should be fine, I always save a last burst of energy so I can act lazy when I get home...see you later then!
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