• Snowy leaves Circhester and heads to Spikemuth. Watch here as his Rotom Bike learns to swim...somehow.
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  • Ah I usually get home later than that, around midnight :/ Haha that might be too late for you so I guess we can try mornings if that's fine?
    Ah ok, I'll be in class most of the day so maybe tonight (what time zone are you in? I'm in Eastern time) or we can try tomorrow morning if that works for you.
    Oh that's fine, have you made your team on it?
    If you have click the lobby chatroom and lemme kno your name so we can battle
    Yeah sure thing! Sorry my schedule's kinda wonky so we should probably plan a time to meet up, what's a good time for you?
    Absolutely. Feel free to challenge me at any time during the next half an hour (not later, though, as I will have a Russia v Algeria match to attend to :D)
    I accept your challenge!
    Sorry but my team is not yet complete, so would you be able to battle on Showdown?
    If not I'll make adjustments to my team to battle you soon
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