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  1. BlazingPyro77

    7 days till Grookey 22 From Ash's Team
  2. Jimothy

  3. Greninjaman

    Assassin Ninja Frog 28 From SHH! It's a secret to everyone.
  4. Aeon

    New Member 28 From A, A
  5. Ghost girl

    Hmmm what are these creatures and do I splat them? From Inkopolis Square
  6. GalacticRonpa

    Aria: "It made me think how rotten the world is" From Kibougamine Gakuen
  7. EternalPokéFanGirl

    Behold Bowtie Terry <3 24 From The Great Beyond
  8. RileyXY1

    Young Battle Trainer From Pittsburgh
  9. FinnishPokéFan92

    Awesome Fire Starter 29 From Finland (Duh!)
  10. kickachu

  11. Norzan

    Well-Known Member
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  12. DarkraiKnight

    Master of the Shadows
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  13. Antiyonder

  14. BulbaTCG

  15. ShieldFan

    Just a normal day in the Mesozoic
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  16. Shadel0rd

    New Member
  17. swiftgallade46

    Now with Mega Evolution 25 From Nowhere good, I’m sure.
  18. ToxicWhiskers

    Immortal Old Man
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  19. Trainer Gabriel

    Well-Known Member From USA
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  20. Bolt Strike

    Bringing the Thunder 29 From Where the Adventure Lies

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