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No problem! Nice avatar :D
Revenge of the Boyega
Revenge of the Boyega
Thanks :p

I'm probably gonna change my theme... again... Gad! It's like an addiction once you get started!! =(
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Haha you're not alone in that. I know some people who really love theming new stuff constantly xD Personally I find it difficult to decide what to theme so I usually stick with one for a while or recycle old ones. Sometimes I alternate between game and anime characters. This current theme is from our April Fools joke this year. Anyway, looking forward to seeing what you come up with next! :D
Revenge of the Boyega
Revenge of the Boyega
I can never reuse old themes for some reason! it's really annoying since I have some really great ones, my favourite being my Sora from Kingdom of Hearts. It was really obnoxious lol

Completely off topic, but don't you just love replaying old video games and being heaps better at them, like Fantasy Life?

Seriously, I invested every single point into Attack, and then I wanted to change into a mage :( XD
If you want I can reuse them for you so that you at least get to see them being used xP Just kidding haha.

Indeed, it's always satisfying to come back to them after so long and get revenge on those bosses/battles that had plagued you so often. It's especially nice when I go back and replay old games from my childhood that I couldn't even get past the 3rd level on but can now sweep through easily xD

Hm well I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to have one or two magic attacks just for the sake of style/theme if not anything else. Or do another playthrough with a mage next time?

Also, might I add that from what I've seen, I really love your taste in games and anime ^^ Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy are some of my favorite RPGs of all time, and Yu-Gi-Oh GX is one of, if not, my favorite anime :D
Revenge of the Boyega
Revenge of the Boyega
Lolol I guess you can have my totally crazy one of Naruto lmao

And Sonic is one of the best examples of this totally rad feeling :D I have Sonic Generations for the 3DS and I had just about given up on Emerald Coast, but I bit the bullet, killed the monkey, high-tailed the orca and won my rightful booty! Gwahahaha!!

But in other areas, I've regressed. :( on Megaman Battle Network, I was a battling DIVA when I was seven, but I replayed it recently, and I died on the tutorial... WHY DO I SUCK SO BAD xP

Fantasy Life is pretty unique in it's classing system, but trust me, if you play it, spread out the points evenly, 'cause it's pretty hard being an Alchemist when you have only 6 intelligence :/ lol

Thanks! =D I don't get into anime or video games as much as I'd like to, since my internet is pretty prehistoric and I haven't got any new consoles, but hopefully I'll be able to download the FF X remaster this month!! :T I also recognize Lelouch from your avatar. My brother watched Code Geass, but it wasn't my cup of tea. :( If you like Mechas, check out Eureka Seven! I'm a little over half-way through and it is just mindblowing. It may not be as violent or saucy as other anime, but it's soooo amazing and the characters are great! :p I suggest watching it in English, even if Renton's voice is a little... shocking. XD Besides him everyone is really excellently done! =)

I read most of the GX manga while on vacation, and it was so good! It differs from the anime a lot, or so I'm told, but the overall quality was pretty stunning. :p (Chad Princeton ftw, am I right?)
Ooooohh gimme! OwO

Well that's what tutorials are for :p Except in Dark Souls....it just mocks you .w. It also depends a lot on the learning curves of the games. Sonic I feel like has a more natural one that eases nicely into challenging stuff so you get a feel for the mechanics while you progress.

Duly noted, thanks :D

Haha I forgot to mention a couple last time too: Smash, Fairy Tail, One Piece, and Rave Master. Great tastes indeed~
But Code Geass is so much more than just a Mecha anime! Lelouch commands you to finish it! ;p But yeah, I've heard good things about Eureka Seven but never got around to watching it. Oh gosh, I can't remember the last time I've watched an anime in dub xD Well, besides shounen ones ehe. I'll take your word for it then :D

The manga was definitely darker and more serious, but I still preferred the anime, probably because of my stubborn nostalgia. It sucks that they never finished the dub episodes :/ (Chazz it up! Chazz it up!) o/
Revenge of the Boyega
Revenge of the Boyega
It's really bizarre xD I'll send it to you via PM really soon :p (I just gotta ransack my picture folder)

I'm so awful at nearly everything when it comes to games, but I've been thinking, it'd be awesome to be a video games journalist =P Talking with developers, having first go at new releases and going to events... so cool. And you can have it as a hobby or a full time career. It's pretty perfect for me.

Those titles are so close to my heart. :'D Especially Rave Master. It was a little peculiar but you could see how well Hiro Mashima was progressing, nearly every chapter. It was so inspiring. If I could meet someone relatively famous, it'd be him.

I'm too much of an innocent baby *squishes cheeks*
It's really enlightening! But somewhere in the second season or something, there is a really violent scene. Decapitated arm, all bloody and.... *throws up* XD But besides that it's pretty mellow. And I'd just like to mention a clear connection between me and Moondoggie. :p

Yeah, the Eureka Seven manga had a more psychological feel, but it was still fine to read. Although Anenome was at least a kazillion times more annoying.

Lightness and Darkness Dragon is probably my favourite. Besides Crow Tengu. I can't tell you how much I love that card!
Ohh I can't wait to see it :D

Not to mention exclusive access to new games and releases! That sounds like an awesome job! I say go for it! :)
I've been thinking of getting into game development myself. I'm particularly interested in virtual reality gaming right now, and I like messing around with stuff on Unity and Unreal Engine. I'll see where it goes haha.

He's definitely done a great job with Rave Master and Fairy Tail. He's really good at character development and immersing the reader in a world of magic. When you get the chance to meet him, give him a thanks from me too :)

Aw that's cute :')
So I take it gore is not your thing :p Oh really~? I'll have to look out for that connection then!

Yes! I loved that card! I think it's the perfect card for Chazz and it's a shame he didn't have it in the anime. I always thought Jaden's hero cards in the manga were kinda weird, but I did like Terra Firma. I also liked how they tried to re-incorporate the Egyptian theme into YuGiOh with the GX manga.
Revenge of the Boyega
Revenge of the Boyega
Ahh, those were the good old days... where I could remember basically all the Jutsu's XD

Totally! My brother is actually helping me install Windows XP especially for gaming. My laptop sucks and consoles are SO expensive. For my first review I'm going to do Beyond Good and Evil. Have you heard of it? =D

Nice! I just love the games industry. Every aspect of it is just so interesting! If I ever make a gaming company, I'm naming it Evolution Ahoy. And it's insignia would be three sprites in a row of an Eskimo, each one more detailed then the last.

I totally will. :p What name shall I give him?
In Rave Master, in his personal column, he said how he was fascinated with magic and really wanted to do something about wizards. So cool!

Well, I can take the sight of blood and guts, it just unnerves me a lot. xD

I'm not too fond of Alexis. She seems she's a supposedly "empowering" character, but she is so boring!! XD