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Oh yeah, somebody just brought that up in the Rumors & Leaks thread, too. I will say that it raises my suspicion. So maybe the Starters evolve using a new method, as opposed to the usual "level up to 30-something." Though, they would have to have a different "secret" from Rockruff in that case, because Rockruff's evolution is just a version-exclusive, which has nothing to do with anything the player can really influence. And it's the same problem if we start to think it suggests them having Battle Bond as an ability - Lycanroc does not have that Ability.

Of course, this whole business seems somewhat complicated to me - how do they promote whatever this secret is without actually showing the Starter evolutions? I mean, I assume that they won't, because as far as I know, they never do. But if they were introducing some new, unprecedented trait to the Starters, I imagine that would be something worth promoting.