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I love Sailor Moon Crystal. Oddly, I prefer the dub over the original which doesn't happen often for me. I didn't care much for the second half of the first season against Beryl; I nearly dropped the show because of the changes that were made to the characters.

The latest season was amazing! Rei was back to being the Rei I loved in the manga, and the episodes really shined the characters much better than the first two seasons.

I can't wait for the next season. It's my favourite arc in the manga.

How have you been enjoying it? How do you like the new Viz dub for the original anime series?
I tend to not be a big dub fan, so I haven't seen the new Viz or SM Crystal dub! The new Japanese VAs seem good though, and I'm happy they brought back Kotono Mitsuishi for the reboot.

I wasn't a big fan of the showdown arc with Beryl either, it all seemed a bit rushed. Not something I would re-watch. The Sailor Moon S Crystal arc was fantastic, the animation was everything the first two should have been. Chibiusa is way more likeable too, so that's a big plus for me. Hotaru/Sailor Saturn looked amaaazing.

I think my favorite arc is Sailor Stars, so I can't wait for when they (presumably) redo that one, especially since the manga was so different to the show.

Do you think they'll somehow incorporate the Sailor Moon S movie story line, since it was originally in the manga? The one with Luna falling in love and becoming a human? I hope so, I loved that. :D
I hope so. I really liked that special in the manga. I liked the original anime movie version of it also, but since the manga is my bae, I prefer the manga. Given that they didn't animate Casablanca Memories during the first season, I kinda doubt they'll do any of the specials.

I hope they'll do all the specials one day.

The funniest part about the Beryl finale had to be the two second tears from the Inners when the shittenou were killed. Worst death ever!

Kotono is an amazing actress. Her range is awesome... Her ability to make herself almost unrecognizable in other characters is tremendous. Watch her as Misato in Eva, and you wouldn't think her voice is the same. Misato is done in her naturally deeper voice and the acting is so different.

The animation was much better in the latest season, but I preferred the character designs in the first two seasons. Chibiusa, however, had a much better design in the third season. Ami, Rei, and especially Makoto designs were too cutesy in season three to me.

Yeah, I'm like you. I tend to only watched subbed shows in general because the acting and writing tends to be better, but Viz did a heck of a dub for Crystal and the old show.

I love Stars in the manga though I know a lot of people don't care for it. It's my second favorite arc, tied with the Mugen Infinity arc.
Yeah I always forget about the specials, it's been ages since I read the manga. I heard that Naoko Takeuchi redid some of the illustrations when they republished the manga.

I have no idea why they kept the shittenou around in the first season except to troll everyone hoping for some more development with their characters. It seemed like an experiment that the writers got tired of pretty quickly. The moment they got killed off was kinda funny, though! There's this review blog called The Pretty Soldier Project that has some hilarious commentary on stuff like that. :)

Yeah, I had a hard time even recognizing Kotono when she did the voice of Domino. And I'm just realizing she did Juri in Revolutionary Girl Utena (another of my favorites)!

Interesting, I thought the character designs in the first two seasons of Crystal were when things looked a little too cutesy. Or a little too glossy, maybe? I definitely didn't care for the CGI transformations and the colored lips. The third season had a style that was very sharp and reminiscent of the original series. But, the designs in the first two Crystal seasons were still I think better in a lot of ways than the original SM and SMR series.
It's easy to forget about. Lol. Because I'm a bigger fan of the manga than any other version, I tend to reference them a lot. When I write fan fiction, it's usually the manga depiction, mixed with a bit of the old anime, that characterizes them.

You can read the entire manga here: https://missdream.org/sailor-moon-scanlations/sailor-moon-manga-scanlations/

Yeah the director said that he didn't think it was fair to focus solely on Serenity and Endymion, which I thought was hilarious since the Inners were practically forgotten about after their intro episodes.

Oh I forgot she did the voice for Domino! I didn't know she did Juri either. She is seriously awesome. She also does the voice for a character in One Piece.

The CGI was horrible! Toei has a thing for throwing CGI in everything. Digimon Tri is one of their latest victims. They also do it in Dream Fes... and it hasn't gotten any better. Lol.

Yeah the latest season was very reminiscent of the original anime. I liked that Crystal had a bit more detail in the hair and faces, but I think the abundance of detail made it hard for them to animate also. I loved Season Three's movements much more and much of the animation just flowed better in general.

I felt that Crystal designs felt closer to the manga.
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The new dub definitely sounds better than the old dub. :) I guess the upside of any dub is that you can focus on the animation more.

I know, the inner Senshi had next to no further character development beyond their role as Sailor Moon's protectors. I was all a bit of a Mary Sue fever dream for my liking.

I think you're right, the original Crystal designs were definitely closer to the manga, which was probably what they were going for. Luna and Artemis looked cuter too, I'm not a fan of their weird pointy heads in the Sailor S Crystal season. In general, no one could make the cats look better than Ikoku Ito!