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Bulbagarden Forums

No, you weren't. :p I hope, in respect to it being for the 20th anniversary of the anime series, that they pay some respects and expand on his character using some of Shudou's details of him from the first novel. The expansion on his mother's characterization, childhood loneliness/bullying and dealing with the pressure of having two relatives as failures makes him an indefinitely more interesting protagonist compared to the cardboard cutout we currently have.

I'm actually hoping this movie turns out to be the first in a trilogy. The current anime can continue being what it wants, but it'll be a treat to have a separate incarnation of it exist separately utilizing all the potential it originally had.
In addition, hopefully it'll also turn out to be something that I can easily headcanon/reconcile the Anime Mewtwo Saga events in since I have doubts that even a trilogy would include those bits (though you never know, but I think they don't need to be revisited because they're fine as is).
I think that Mew is likely to be used in 2018, if only due to its exclusive Z-move that is currenty unobtainable. Plus, it only played second fiddle to Mewtwo in the first movie, and the Lucario movie hardly fixed that.

The main question I have is if they will wrap up the badge quest in two movies or three. I think that two is possible because the focus shouldn't be on the gyms (save for Brock and Giovanni much like Origins), and I really want to see what happens after he wins the Indigo League.