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Wynaut (Why NOT) ? :) Although I didn't wrote any post in the M20 Preview thread, but I'm more than welcome to give this movie a shot than the same old Legendary-make-a-havoc-and-Ash-save-the-day movies.
I'd imagined it will be an AU case rather than EP001 expansion. Because I just know so many remake/retell animes that are mostly different story from the previous old story. I don't think M20 will be a sole exception in Japanese anime industry.

I come to London for work purpose. I'll leave and return to my home country once my visa expire.
Christmas approaching. What will be your plan?
ii kanji
ii kanji
That thread is annoying anyway :p Will be better in 1-2 weeks when all the complainers have left. I'm so excited to see where they take it. I'd be happy with it going in a number of directions really - AU (as long as they don't make it about these stupid wormholes!), retelling, Kanto triology...

Where is your home country? Have you come for any exciting work here? Where in London are you staying?

My plans for Christmas are easy - family, see friends, rest and catch up with work. You?
Pokemon is not Sci-Fi, I don't think there need to include universe paradox in the same manner like time paradox such as Back To The Future to make an appealing story. If they do it...... well, I'll see it with a sarcastic eyes on how mess up it will become.

Born in Hong Kong, moved to South Africa, planned to move to Japan later, or to America if previous is not successful. So I'm basically multi-national. Will go to anywhere if there is chance to expand my current situation. For now, I'm in the Brent Borough.

Christmas is not for me, because I don't have family nor friend, they are all escaped (Nah, they are all overseas, I am the "escaped" one). Only work colleagues but are not for socializing. For a lone wolf like me, I'll just take the chance to rest.
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ii kanji
Lol that is exactly how I feel and why I find that whole business completely stupid in the games. (Not that I've played any since GSC...) Some weird shit is going down in the Misty in Alola thread... I feel like I have woken up in some AU myself!

Fair enough! Oooooh Brent... There are some cool Hindu temples in that area if you want to feel a bit more culturally displaced :p

That sounds like a nice idea. Honestly, I half wish I didn't have to meet with friends because it is so much hard work and I could so do with just staying at home!!
Wow, your generation gap is even more severe than me? (@[email protected])
I am up to GenV, stop to everything prior to GenVI, simply because...... I don't have a 3DS!
For Anime, discontinued at mid AG, watched sparsely some BF and DP, then nothing more upon BW except movies and OVA specials.

The talks about Misty in Erotic Forme (^w^). They could had expand that further into 18+ pornography. That would be more (ridiculously) interesting though.

Hindu... temple and religion is not my cup of tea. I think London is already culturally displaced enough already, because I don't find any native English around me.

How about the place where you live? BTW, good luck with your Christmas for all the tiresome family and friends gathering :)
ii kanji
ii kanji
I never got an advanced or above, but gonna but a console with my first pay cheque next year! I didn't watch most of BW but otherwise I've kept up (or caught up) with the anime till date.

Yeah I don't think I'd have found that interesting at all :P

Native English is kind of a misnomer afaic. This stand-up routine sums my feelings up on the subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eusOPQotliw
I thought you are jobless (or with a better wording, job-seeking, or another word, NEET), because in your profile saying "To shamelessly freeload from my parents".
Oh, please don't take this seriously. I'm not intending anything.

Not that I'm against immigration or anything, but CULTURALLY, I feel London is not "British" enough.
It is not about the nationality of a person, but about adapting the already-existing culture in UK that were inherited from hundred of years ago into one's living.

Or maybe, it is just that I still don't quite understand the "Britishness". Many people around me, they live their lives in the same manner as they were in their home countries. I am yet to see the cultural icons, ideology and mentality, virtue and value, practice and habits that can be branded as "British". Not European nor Mediterranean nor African nor Asian, but British.