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The movie also proves that if an AU changes too much of the original story, it is likely to end up worse.

ORAS' story is better than RSE's, but that has nothing to do with the Mega Evolution angle. The presentation simply explained the villains' motivations better... and Zinnia added some spice, although I have a problem with the Delta Episode as a whole. Basically, the name of the game is additions rather than blatant changes to existing elements.

An AU only works if the writer has a deep idea that can only be delivered via a multiverse, as I do. But none of the Pokemon media have any meaningful interaction between universes.
Yeah, I read that movie summary out of curiousity, and holy hell, it just fell completely flat. If I'd cared about the movie at all, I would be massively disappointed.

Regarding AUs in the games, I'm sort of having two minds about it. On the one side, you're not wrong. The substance of ORAS comes from all of what they added to it, not from the sheer fact that it's in an alternative timeline. In theory, you could probably pretty easily write a revised draft of the Delta Episode that eliminates the RSE timeline stuff altogether and still works just fine.

But on the other side, story in Pokémon games is, as always, kind of uniformly pointless anyway. I've never been able to shake the suspicion that the only reasons why ORAS even bother to broach the topic are because 1) we're also conceiving of interdimensional Pokémon for SM so hey, why not seed that in a bit?, 2) we need a quick and easy way to make this plot work, and it's sort of a cute way for these remakes to reference the original games, and 3) the idea of parallel worlds is pretty much baked into the premise of the series anyway what with all the different versions, and fans have been making theories about it for a long time now so it'll probably get their attention (and boy did it).

The half of me that looks at Pokémon storytelling as fundamentally frivolous, achingly perfunctory, and historically only capable of ever managing a couple of neat tricks or flashy maneuvers considers the above to be a fairly harmless bit of fluff in an endeavor that already isn't really trying to leave the player with any greater impression than, "So that happened. Neat."

The series has the potential, somewhere deep down, to do a lot more in terms of engaging stories. But I don't think we're ever really going to see that from the lot at Game Freak.
That's really cynical, lol. But I can't argue with facts.

I'm reading a doujin (fan made) manga about the Kanto story (with focus on the league tournament in the anime's spirit, but with strong trainers including the Elite Four), and it is so much better than the Special manga in how it incorporates flashbacks to flesh out the characters. It still isn't completed, though.


While good fan works are rare, they have the potential to surpass official works and then some. That makes sense since they're driven by passion rather than corporate greed (but most fans are mediocre creators at best, lol).
You should come join us in the sequels thread. Some interesting stuff lately.

Better than the nothing that is USUM speculation, lol.