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Bulbagarden Forums

Mm, I'm not so sure about that one, bud. Coming from someone who uses Ana everywhere.

Ana has the ability to hard CC any character in the game with one button for a full five seconds, opening them up to a significant level of ganking from an entire team from a theoretically infinite distance, negates healing, amps healing power, burst heals, and turns everyone into a walking war machine.

On top of that, her healing is 75 per shot, 15 more than mercy, 45 more than Zenyatta per second, and 28 more than Lucio. Couple that with a 4m AOE grenade, she has the power to heal for 150 per shot; that's literally outhealing the highest amount of unmodified damage coming at you (that being from Hanzo with 125 on a body shot). She can singlehandedly keep two tanks alive using that, and she can do so with infinite range since she's a sniper.

Widow and Hanzo are damage dealers, but Widow is so situational since her cooldowns are extremely punishing, and Hanzo uses a projectile that can be zoned (with the exception of Scatter Arrow). Ana's not built to 1v1 as a sniper, but she's capable of doing so if you're more skilled than your opponent.

Increasing her healing makes her even more of a must-pick than she already is, and her ammo clip is already 10. She's all about awareness and knowing whom to burst heal. Having a second healer helps, but if she could solo heal, no one in their right mind wouldn't run her, haha.
Anime Psyclone
Anime Psyclone
well people get salty when i play her
like really salty
its bad when some players are avoiding a healer id say
People get salty over an Ana? I guess if she's underperforming, maybe, but like... that sounds like really low-tier players making bold claims about the efficacy of what's basically the most viable healer in the game.