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Well, I didn't want to continue the conversation any further since you obviously believe very strongly in your point of view so I doubt anything I say now will change your opinion on anything. Also, its not like I have much to add anyway since you have already talked about this topic for days previously. Nonetheless, I am also really into the lore aspect of Pokemon so lets see how it goes. :) Yes there is some similarity between Lillie and Nihilego in their design but how similar they are is no matter what, subjective. IMO, there is not much value in arguing how similar they look so I'm not going to go into that and use it as the basis of any theory of mine.

I think we can consider the facts. Please correct me if I'm wrong, I think you're much more familiar with the facts than myself.
1. Lusamine controlled the way Lillie dressed.
2. Lusamine is obsessed with Ultra Beasts (and not Nihilego per se)
3. Nihilego is parasitic.
4. Nihilego behaves like a little girl.

4 is in particular that you don't seem to be addressing at all so I'm curious about what you think about that. Anyway, in order for Lusamine to copy Nihilego, she has to have an idea of what it looks like. Accordingly, my point on the thread was that we don't know if Lusamine had any idea what Nihilego looked like at all. Since we don't know if she has no idea, I personally don't think that this presumption should be used to support any hypothesis. As such, judging from the facts alone, I ~*personally*~ believe that it is more likely that Nihilego was imitating Lillie.

I recognise that your interpretation has traction but I don't buy it as the truth because there are still gaps that could be filled. What we have is a lot less than the Zinnia example you raised so what I want is more information from GF so that we can better establish any links. I personally find the Colress theory weak but they did confirm it in game so I'm hoping for something similar in USUM to clear the doubt. Otherwise it could be a Tauros and Bouffalant situation where they look alike but have nothing to do with each other at all.

Also to your point on how Lusamine is going for aesthetics rather than cosplay... Doesn't that lean more in favour towards how Lusamine is just dressing Lillie in whatever way she wants? If it was just aesthetics, why is it that the rest of Lusamine foundation, something that she similarly has absolute control over not look like jellyfish as well? I think the only way that I'd be convinced by your theory is if we were shown baby Gladion looking like a jellyfish as well but we do know from the anime that baby Gladion didn't look like a baby fish. It's just Lillie. Either that or Lusamine specifically mentions seeing Lusamine as her favourite child but I doubt that either since she's pretty much portrayed to be psychopath who doesn't care about anyone at all. Lillie's conflict with her mum pretty much revolve around how Lusamine ignores her children and treats them like playthings so I highly doubt she has ever shown Lillie much attention. With that in mind, it just makes little sense to me why she would dress Lillie in particular to look like something she is obsessed with when she clearly doesn't think much about children.
hello, i thought you wanted to talk about this?