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I'm surprised you've not come across anyone who knows of it sooner! I have to say Rimmer is my fave, lol.
Revenge of the Boyega
Revenge of the Boyega
There is a brilliant summary for him:

You once spent an afternoon on the Samaritans switchboard and four people committed suicide. Your middle name is Judas but you tell everyone that it's Jonathan. You sign all your official letters "Arnold Rimmer BSc" and the BSc stands for "Bronze Swimming Certificate". You're a cheating, weasley, low-life scumbucket with all the charm and social grace of a pubic louse.

But yes! I love Rimmer. He's someone worth aspiring to, lmao
One of my favourite moments is from The Inquisitor -
"Because... like all who stand before the Inquisitor... your judge shall be...... yourself!"
"Oh smeg."
I can always relate to that one!

Also simply "Ohhhhh dear!" in the most smug way when he sees future Lister through the CCTV.
Revenge of the Boyega
Revenge of the Boyega
If I judged myself... oh god I'd be screwed. And have my confidence shattered by the biggest jerk around, to boot.

Personally, I find the episode Rimmer World to be hilarious. When the Emperor kisses his concubine, who looks exactly like him... its horrible. Its ghastly. Its brilliant.

Oh, that moment is GOLDEN.

I'm a huge fan of the last season. It gets me every time, and especially when Rimmer takes Liquid Magnetism... oh god my sides hurt

Lister: Hey guys, look at me body.

Cat: Now there is an invitation that will NOT cause a stampede.

- Lister and Cat, Back in the Red part 1
My favourite quote from that series is from the captain:
"It's sickening, it's unforgivable, but it's a technique that can work. I should know: I used the same method myself to become Captain. If the crew discover I'm really just Dennis the donut boy, I'm finished."

You know there are 4 series after that one?