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Hidden Mew
Hidden Mew
That was one heck of a season finale. As intense as that cliffhanger ending was, I was more taken away by Eugene's twist. I've heard theories about Dark Prince Eugene and I had a feeling that they were going to do it, but I was still so excited and happy when it was confirmed. Plus, Eugene's song is fantastic and easily one of the best songs produced for the series thus far. I always happy whenever the series shows how much Rapunzel and Eugene love each other. Their relationship is just so sweet and touching.

I figured that Cassandra would betray them after she disappeared a couple of episodes earlier, but that transformation was still something else. I've heard of theories about Varian being a dark counterpart to Rapunzel, but Cassandra filling that role instead is pretty unexpected. It makes sense after her focus during the past few episodes and I'm sure that they'll expand more on why she merged with the Moon Stone later. It was a much darker finale compared to the more upbeat/hopeful first season finale. I just hope that it won't take them too long to start season three.
Galar Adventurer
Galar Adventurer
Agreed, the Dark Prince Eugene theory being confirmed was awesome.
King Edmund and Eugene's interactions were great and hilarious.
And the animation in this episode was amazing. Mercury Filmworks
has come a long way since season 1.

That actually still surprised me a lot, but great that was how the writers
pulled the wool over the viewer's eyes by making Cassandra look
like a red herring and look like Eugene was the traitor instead.

I can't wait for season 3 either. If it follows the same format as the other two,
the first episode should be another 45 minute premiere which means we should
be getting new songs again. I'm looking forward to that. Season 2's songs were great.