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i used to have an avatar of Misty and her shaking hands.

I hope you're doing well. I've been checking your Tumblr page for the manga hoping for news, but I am not one to talk because i've put aside my writing after a short run.

If you'd like, we could talk on Skype again. I'm still using [email protected].
That was actually among my favorite moments in the film. I actually wouldn't have minded if they had scrapped the Orange League plot in the main TV series and just put an extended version of the movie's plot in its place. Feel the same way with the Mewtwo special when it comes to the Jouto episodes sometimes.

I've been dealing with a muscle-inflammation auto immune-type of disease for about a year with a lot of trouble... it's a long story, no one could identify it and some even said I was okay, even though I clearly knew I wasn't (a person my age shouldn't have such shortness of breath, weight loss, trouble walking, etc so suddenly). I only got an honest diagnosis very recently at a Japanese hospital and am currently treating it. It's not gonna kill me as long as I follow the doctor's orders and get back to a relatively normal life by the end of it (I just have to keep drinking medicine, other than that I would feel physically normal again), but it's put a few of my passion projects on hold for the time being. I'm being doing some light work on the manga though, and it actually has a page on my personal blog (link). Still under construction, but I will host it on there and maybe on its own webpage. The Tumblr page is still relevant for signal boosts, though.

Unfortunately I no longer use Skype. I'm always on Twitter though, and if Discord's a thing for you, pop me a DM there and I'll give you my ID for that.
1. Sorry to hear about your health problem. If that medicine is all it takes to make things normal again, then drink up. Do you know why it took about a year to get a proper diagnosis?

2. You live in Japan now? For a degree in Japanese? I moved to the US 3 years for PhD studies in math. It's a nice city (Ann Arbor, Michigan).

3. I don't see your Discord details anywhere. My username is Silktree#6099.

4. Maybe the movie could have been extended to 8-10 episodes, but I suspect that it wouldn't have made the story any better. When I watch it, I don't wonder what it would be like if Ash had to go to three distant islands without Lugia helping against the birds.