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Out of curiosity, what are your thoughts so far on Sword/Shield?
I'll be getting Sword, no real reason for that though. I'm pleased at least Flygon has been revealed to be in the Galar dex. Has Salamence been seen in any footage?? Obviously I'd be happy if at least a few more of my faves made the cut. Also I just hope for a lot of at least 100 new Pokemon, there's kinda no excuse left for there not to be, what with "dexit" and all. Yet I feel the number of new ones will still be smaller than 100. :( I hope I'm wrong. Not really into the gimmicks from what I've seen so far. But there looks to be a lot that I'll love anyway. Also the ability of Corviknight's seems BROKEN. I swear though, if Rotom Dex is in these games and is anything like his USUM self... well. I'll be more than a little displeased. :rolleyes:
Nothing on Salamence yet...