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Hidden Mew
Hidden Mew
Yeah, that does look pretry official. The new character looks more like a guy than a girl to me, but they would want to showcase the female lead alongside Ash. They probably are a character from the games that hasn’t been revealed yet. Ash’s new outfit looks pretty cool and hopefully this will stop the whole Ash will be replaced logic. The idea of a reboot also seems pretty unlikely to me a this point.
Galar Adventurer
Galar Adventurer
I also thought it was a guy at first, but fans pointed out the the other character has eyelashes and a hair clip, but we'll see.
I like Ash's new clothes as well, and yeah, I'm pretty sure this is in the main timeline, otherwise if this was in the AU from the movie timeline,
the character designer most likely would've let Ash keep his I Choose You/The Power of Us hat.