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Tactician Karina
Tactician Karina
Oh that's cool! I'll definitely keep up with their progress, I've wanted to try out the first game for a while as you know so it's nice seeing an English patch being worked on. I looked up Project Sakura Wars since I didn't know they were making another one, it looks alright and I'll check it out whenever it releases next year, the in-game models also remind me a bit of Tokyo Xanadu's character models so that interests me a bit; though I'm kind of eh on it being an ARPG, not that I dislike the genre of course but it certainly deviates from it's TRPG roots (especially since it's what got me interested in the other installments after playing So Long, My Love). I do like horror for sure, and I like playing the occasional horror game (with the Resident Evil and Corpse Party series being my favorites of the Survival Horror genre), so hopefully maybe sometime soon I'll get to try Mad Father.

It's all good, I know how it feels to talk about something you enjoy. :)
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