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Hidden Mew
Hidden Mew
That's really cool. I haven't tried out the Malefic cards yet. I spent a good portion of my gems to get better cards for one of my decks for Jack. I've already leveled him to the max, but they included some of his support cards from Arc V, so I wanted to try it out for the Dark Signer event. It was so consistently good against the Dark Signers for the extra rewards, so that made it worth it. I'll have to try out the Malefic cards after I save up on my gems again. I haven't had the right amount of cards for a good Lunalight deck either, but I'm closer with that. I'm glad that they're still adding in more Arc V cards, although it was so weird to see them include Reiji's Fusion and Synchro aces without his Xyz one too. They obviously couldn't, but since he always summoned them back to back, it feels weird to include only two of them. I do wonder if they'll be able to include a Zexal world this year.

I hope that you're still safe and sound. I forgot to mention this on another one of your profile post, but happy belated Bulbaversary.
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