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Hidden Mew
Hidden Mew
Hi there. I've been meaning to send you a message. I hope that you've had a good start to the new year. I haven't checked out Master Duel yet. I'm not sure if I want to get it on the Switch or wait until the mobile version comes out. I've been mostly focused on Pokemon BD/SP and I'll be getting Legend Arceus next week, so I don't know if I'd be playing it that often, but I'll probably check out some videos on it at least in the meantime.
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I know you weren't asking me, but if you're looking for an opinion on Master Duel, I would say so far of the game I've played it's been great. The card pool from the get-go is massive, duels themselves are fun with all the effects and the mediaeval music. The crafting system is really good for counterbalancing the randomness of Card packs. The only complaints I've seen is how the tutorial isn't thorough enough for people not familiar with stuff like Links and Pendulums, and how the Card Filter isn't as good as it is in Duel Links.