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    Good Things Come in Threes! [CHP3 Up]

    Long in progress, but finally written out. For details on the region itself as well as a few spoiler-related things, click here. Any new sprites will also be posted over there. :3 Main Characters **Images update with each chapter, as such spoilers are in the teams if you haven't read the...
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    "Shopping" Pokewalker Course Info

    http://www.pokemon.co.jp/special/hgss/news/13.html Looks to be location-based, and you go to the Pokécenters IRL to get the course. Goes on from November 14th, to January 11th. Anyone with better Japanese, feel free to translate, I'm mostly picking out words I know to figure it out. :P Merge...
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    NyaChan's Region Project

    This was mostly done out of shear boredom, but I kinda wanna take it farther and do something with it. I also want opinions as well as suggestions. :3 I'm NOT planning on creating many pokemon for this, and the reasoning is that I'm placing the storyline in those 3 years between Johto and...
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    NyaChan's Trainer Cards! [Now with Frontier Prints/Symbols!]

    Well, I've been offering these to my friends through other sites, but I figure I should share these here too. The idea came to me since I was annoyed that Pokecharm's trainer card maker (A) only let you put one set of badges in and (B) you HAD to put them in order (screwed up the way I was...
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    I was gonna type that in Japanese, but I figured I'd be nice to whatever crazy doesn't yet have Japanese installed onto their computer and left it in romaji. Anyways! I'm NyaChan, my real name is Jamie. I'm 18, and a freshmen in college now (it's still kinda hard to believe ^^;;>). I've been...