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Search results

  1. PinkIceFox

    PinkIceFox does art sometimes!

    Hey y'all I like to draw and stuff! But I don't draw that often anymore, probably because I don't really have anyone to show it to who'd like it besides my girlfriend. SO I'M GONNA SHARE IT WITH YOU. And maybe I'll feel less discouraged and want to draw more often. My mother gave me a digital...
  2. PinkIceFox

    Favorite Player's Mother design?

    We have a thread for their sons and daughters, but how do people feel about the designs of the various mothers we've all had during the course of our pokemon adventures? Out of the ones that actually have official designs and not generic female NPC sprites anyway. BW Mom/Grace SM Mom GS Mom...
  3. PinkIceFox

    What kind of textbooks/encyclopedias/etc. would you expect to find in the pokemon world?

    I am sleep deprived, and for some reason my brain has decided it wants to think about what kinds of books aspiring trainers/professors would have to study in school? This is something silly I would think about as a kid over summer break, too. So I figured it might be fun to pose this question to...
  4. PinkIceFox

    A rather belated introduction

    Hello, everyone! I'm PinkIceFox. As you can see by my join date, I joined this forum more than two years ago! I never got around to joining because of a chaotic series of events in my life along with the loss of my username and password. But while cleaning my desk I stumbled across the sheet...