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    Blog Images

    Hey, I have a really pathetic question, but it's one that I would like to be answered please. It appears that the tenth image on my blogs never appears. It isn't the image or image link itself, as even when I change the position, it works the same. The limit according to SaturnYoshi and a...
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    Image limit in posts.

    What is the image limit for posts? Has it changed recently? Also, do the default forum emoticons count as images? :-/:drool::flinch:
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    The Vigilante

    Firstly [waffly introduction, feel free to skip], I have never wrote a fanfic before so this is my first time (as much as I hate being a newb at things, I am). That being said I do love creative writing. I apologise about the incredibly creative title (-.-) but ye. Sorry it's basic, I wanted...
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    Hey all. (: I'm new to the forums, but it seems great to be here already (even if it did take me some time to find the introductory thread, but hey, I found it).