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    Glitches Thread

    So far glitches seem to be the biggest downfall of BW2. I mean, some of them are so obvious it makes you wonder what the hell has beta testing team been doing all day... Here are the glitches I know: rabid Pokemon Breeders - I'm pretty sure everyone encountered this at some point or...
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    Time to brush up my Doubles skills... (International Challange 2012 team)

    Truth to be told I wasn't going to participate in this tourney, seeing as I kinda lost interest in battling, but a friend of mine recently become interested in doubles and thus persuaded me to join. So here it is, my IC 2012 team. It is actually a revamped version of my old gen IV Sunny Day...
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    News reporting?

    Hi. If I have a piece of news to report, but don't want to write an article myself (as English in not my first language and I'm afraid I might do some mistakes), with whom should I contact? Thanks.