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    Cabinet The Arcade Cabinet #3: How much stock do you put into video game reviews?

    hey all, welcome to the third arcade cabinet! this discussion is primarily going to discuss video game reviews! simply put: how seriously do you take reviews prior to making a gaming purchase? Link to Previous Arcade Cabinets: #1 - Open World Gaming #2 - Current State of News
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    Reports Guide: How/When do I report a post, and what happens when I do?

    Hey everyone! o/ colours here, and we the Bulbagarden forum staff feel it's necessary to create this guide for you guys because there may be some of you that feel confused on exactly either how to report a post (which is really simple, actually!), when it's appropriate to report a post, and what...
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    How optimistic are you about the future of pokemon games?

    i'm curious. this intent of this isn't to be negative, it's an honest discussion! how do you feel about how dppt remakes would be handled, as well as gen 9 and beyond?
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    Video game difficulty options

    in a game where you're presented with difficulty options before starting (very easy/easy/normal/hard/very hard), which one do you typically chose and why?
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    Most frustrating/annoying boss?

    What was the most frustrating/annoying boss to beat in any game you've played so far?
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    Cabinet The Arcade Cabinet #2: Current State of News

    hey all, welcome to the second arcade cabinet! this discussion is primarily going to discuss the current state of gaming news at the moment given what's occurring in the world. for those of you who have seen the recent nintendo direct mini, it may come as either a surprise, a disappointment, or...
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    Using items in battle

    i think this should be an interesting discussion. o: so! of course, in pokemon games, you as the trainer have always had the ability to heal or even revive your pokemon in the middle of battle should the situation warrant it. an interesting counterpoint i've heard to this though, is that using...
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    describe yourself as a trainer class

    list of trainer classes which one are you?
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    What aspect of Pokemon games do you care about most?

    is it the story? the battling? the characters/writing? or perhaps you're a breeder or shiny hunter and you care more about the new shiny hunting method of the generation? what do you as a player, look most forward to when playing a particular game?
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    how well do you know the type chart?

    be honest. do you basically have all of it committed to memory, or are there certain types that you struggle with more than others when it comes to weaknesses/resistances?
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    how do you feel about an all digital console?

    if you haven't heard, there's going to be an all-digital edition of the PS5, and Microsoft responded in kind by planning on releasing their own all-digital next generation console: the Xbox Series S. how do you feel about the idea/concept of an all-digital console? hypothetically, if you were...
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    Rules READY PLAYER ONE (updated August 12, 2020)

    Welcome, Players! This is the new Video Games section. Any and all non-Pokemon Video Games discussion go here, from your favourite Steam games, to conversations about the next generation consoles, to your favourite current generation titles. All of it can be discussed here! There are a few...
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    Special Edition Consoles

    i imagine most of us are familiar with these. usually at some point in a console's life, the console manufacturer (whether it be Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft) releases special or limited edition versions of their consoles in an effort to boost sales. it can be said that there's some collectible...
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    Anime What kind of anime do you normally watch?

    is it normally shonen anime? are you more gravitated towards more slice of life anime, or perhaps something else catches your eye more? in short, what genre of anime do you prefer watching?
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    Manga Your Manga Collection!

    this is the thread where you talk about your manga collection! how many do you own? how many have you finished? feel free to talk about it all here. n.n
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    Anime Underrated Anime

    what are some anime that you think are underrated/not really as talked about that you think should be?
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    You are a pokemon NPC Trainer

    you spot a trainer! as per the social rules of the pokemon world, if you see a trainer, you HAVE to challenge them. it used to be "if two trainers lock eyes with each other", but y'know...not facing the same direction as a challenging trainer doesn't count anymore. but anyway! what do you say...
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    Do you keep your love of Pokemon a secret from others?

    the reason why i ask this is that there may be some people that might not want everyone to know they like pokemon, and also some people that flat out don't care. i really applaud ppl who wear pokemon shirts in public without giving a crap what anyone else thinks. i want to be like that. o:
  19. colours

    A discussion on pokemon gaming difficulty

    going to be rather brief because i feel like this can be a thing that's open to interpretation. here are some talking points o: 1. should pokemon games become more difficult, despite the argument that they're mainly targeted towards children? 2. if you were in charge of development, how would...
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    Pokemon GO is now a part of Pokemon Video Games!

    Hey everyone! o/ I wanted to give you guys a heads up that the Pokemon GO section is now merged into Pokemon Video Games! Some of the stickies from the old GO section remained, and you can find your old GO threads with the "GO" thread prefix. :> Happy discussing! If you have any...