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  1. Eren Jaeger

    RANDOM MESSAGES 16: Rocket Man!

    I think this place needs to be rumbled...
  2. Eren Jaeger

    The Bulbagarden Community Question Thread [v3.0]

    Neptune or Saturn and what would I do? Well idk wander aimlessly I suppose. Cant think of what else Id even want to do.
  3. Eren Jaeger

    Bulbagarden Conversational Chat Thread Vol.5

    My mom is insisting on giving me her air fryer,and I would like to make stuff in it. Im mainly just using my oven to cook certain meal kits.
  4. Eren Jaeger

    RANDOM MESSAGES 16: Rocket Man!

    Ive only been planning to since like fall of last year.
  5. Eren Jaeger

    American Politics Thread

    I def have no kind words for the guy. He was a horrible person. I hate that people like him have so much influence and that people agree with beliefs like his. My grandmother is a big fan of him its terrible,I just hate it On the Georgia thing, Im not surprised. The GOP is so desperate to stay...
  6. Eren Jaeger

    RANDOM MESSAGES 16: Rocket Man!

    Im getting my snake on Thursday. The thing is its dangerous to ship them in cold weather because they're cold blooded and must be in a warm environment. I also needed time to prepare for her to come home including collecting all needed supplies and setting up her enclosure and making sure the...
  7. Eren Jaeger

    American Politics Thread

    Honestly,Mitt Romney is the only Republican Id remotely want to see run for President. He seems to be one of very few who honestly care about doing whats right for this country. I dont agree with his politics,and I wouldnt vote for him unless the Dem candidate was literally Satan, but got most...
  8. Eren Jaeger

    The Avatar Check Thread

    Yes, its fine.
  9. Eren Jaeger

    RANDOM MESSAGES 16: Rocket Man!

    Snakes are cool and Im getting a snake
  10. Eren Jaeger

    RANDOM MESSAGES 16: Rocket Man!

    I like snakes
  11. Eren Jaeger

    RANDOM MESSAGES 16: Rocket Man!

    Stop trying to make fetch happen
  12. Eren Jaeger

    What are you currently thinking about?

    How much work I have to do on my apartment and whether or not I should try to get my snake sent to me next week.
  13. Eren Jaeger

    What's the last dream you had?

    I was walking down a road at night trying to get back from working at a store. They were trying to keep all the workers there even though there was no actual work to do so I just left and started walking home but it was hours away from my home and my phone was dead so I couldnt get any kind of...
  14. Eren Jaeger

    Your newest purchase or gift

    A Monster Energy drink
  15. Eren Jaeger

    What youtube video did you watch last?

    An ep of Chuggaaconroy's Xenoblade LP
  16. Eren Jaeger

    Who's in Your Avatar?

    Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan
  17. Eren Jaeger

    RANDOM MESSAGES 16: Rocket Man!

    Wally World
  18. Eren Jaeger

    Bulbagarden Conversational Chat Thread Vol.5

    Yeah Im gonna look for one. TBH I just suck at cooking but most of the time I dont have the energy anyway.
  19. Eren Jaeger

    What Pokemon comes to mind for the Generation above?

    Reshiram Gen 4
  20. Eren Jaeger

    Ban the User Above v2

    Banned for posting at noon