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    The Journey (Byzantine and Master Mew)

    Sean Chrisoburg was, insofar as he could be, rather pleased at the moment. He’d left Terracotta Town a mere hour ago. The path he was using now, winded through several forests and other such locales. Currently, the path cut through a sparse patch of deciduous trees and plants. Trotting alongside...
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    Stars in the Sky: A Sci-Fi RPG

    Stars In the Sky: A Sci-Fi RPG Sign Up: Here ----------------------------------------------- Avi sat, a blue marble decorated with wisps of white and markings colored green. From the void, this world appeared unremarkable, life-bearing planets were hardly unique in this cluster, though...
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    Stars in the Sky: A Sci-Fi RP

    Stars in the Sky: A Sci-Fi RPG Space, the final frontier, a collection of stars, planets and nebula that is said to extend in all directions unceasingly, infinitely. Within this infinite void, it is inevitable that a select few planets would become bearers of one of the most precious gifts...
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    Star Wars: The Clone Wars

    Sign up and intro: Here. Kamino Tipoca City, rightmost structure Gy Firta was, despite himself, nervous. He had been instructed by the ruler of Tipoca city to brief the Republic officials that were on their way to the city even now. To tell them about the armies and fleets they would...
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    Star Wars: The Clone Wars

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars It is the eve of war, the entire galaxy stands poised to erupt into a fiery tempest of violence and destruction. The Galactic Republic has been slowly but surely declining for centuries now. Massive commerce guilds now wield more power than the official military of...
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    Hail and Well Met!

    I am Byzantine-as you most likely can tell from my username. I'll be frank, I am not good at introductions. My interests lay in other matters-history, philosophy and such. I consider myself a knowledgeable being-though in the best I have had a few problems involving arrogance and such... But...