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    Midnight Horrors

    Crime in Jubilife city has risen. Phone and internet signals are getting weaker and Pokemon are dissappearing. No one knows why or what's going or or how it's happening. No one can leave the city. Those who try to leave end up right back in the middle of town. Form Name: Pokemon or...
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    Eevee event on Aug 7.

    I'm not sure where exactly to post this or if it has already been mentioned but i have to say this. An event will be held from August 7 to August 31st on the Pokémon Daisuki Club website for an Eeveelution that will be encountered in a dream. It is assumed that this Eeveelution can be sent...
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    What Pokemon Do You Hope Won't Be In B/W?

    Personally I don't wanna see zubat,tentacool or magicarp. THEY'RE IN EVERY GAME!!!!!
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    PMD: Legened of The Crescent Moon

    Thunder claps and lightning strikes. Light flashes and for a moment things are visable but quickly go back to the darkness as quickly as it had come. In the distance a blue flame seems to dance but it doesn't seem to be a normal flame. Upon just the sight of the flames the ground rumbles as if...
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    PMD The Legend Of The Cresent Moon

    It's dark and all that's visable is a moving blue flame. It seems no one is around but is that really true? Only time will tell Name: (Any type of name) Pokémon: Gender: (I don't need to say anything here...) Appearance: (Include bands, ribbons, bows, and scarfs.) Personality...
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    The Mystery Egg

    It was a peaceful day in the Pokethon breeding center. The sun was just starting to rise and the grass was wet with dew. A volenteer was caring for the eggs as every morning when one particularly unusual one began to show signs of hatching. The egg was a very strange one. It was almost...