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    Contest Trubbish V.S. Gulpin V.S. Grimer

    The Battle of the Slimes! Which do you think is better? Which design do you like the most? Which do you think is the most useful in battle? Which one do you find less annoying to run into? Who do you think would win in a battle? Which line do you prefer all around?
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    Guess Takuto's other Six pokemon (DP 189 spoilers)

    I've been wanting to talk about this for a while, but didn't get the chance. So by now we all know this big cheater swept the pokemon Sinnoh leagues with only 2 of his six pokemon, so question is... what are his other 4 pokemon? What are your guesses (Post your team for Takuto), and here are...
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    Do you Think Heart Gold and Soul Silver will be Westernized?

    I finally just got my copy about a week or so ago, and I am enjoying it, but this game is very Japanese. (It really does feel like Japan in more ways than just the towers and how people talk) It reminded me a lot of something that I forgot, the first games were, I believe, Americanized with the...
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    Favorite things to do home alone?

    So I'm sitting here on my day off (even though I'm not the type of person that can really take a day off... I take my work home with me...) and basking in the solitude. Thinking about it, and now wondering what other Bulbagardians would do home alone as well. I'll keep the poll anonymous, if...
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    Fakedex and Fake Pokemon (Dial-up warning)

    I think I said that somewhere... that I'm making a fakedex (even though I went through the trouble to call it a waste of time repeatedly even though I do it each gen...) Well, At least I can say that it isn't a complete waste of time, a lot of the monsters are redesigns of older monsters, but...
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    Oogy Boogy Halloween

    Just a quick pin-up of some fan art I made. The first one is actually from last year... but I didn't get to color it until yesterday, but that explains the outdated pokemon. I decided to still do it because I thought Mime Jr. was charming in the pose. After seeing Pikachu and Friends'...
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    Bulbagarden Halloween Party 2007?!

    Now I don't believe it happened last year, but I wonder if any members want to do it this year! Basically, the Halloween Party is when Bulbagarden Members change their username, avatar (and sig. sometimes) to "dress up" as a particular character from a series, celebrity, or person for the month...
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    Ok, ok, supposing it was real, What Pokemon whould you find in your Area?

    Yes, yes so... supposing it was real What pokemon would you find in your home town or at least, the general area of where you live? You can also choose to rate how common they'd be, and if there would be any new wild pokemon/undiscovered pokemon in the area. (Nothing like my Great Aunt would...
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    Favorite Flying Feathered Friend Found Fairly Frequent

    By fairly frequent, I mean in abundance or at least found early in the game (before the 3rd gym at least). I wanted to separate evolutions to see which individuals people like. As for me, I'll vote for Wingull and Staravia
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    Anything that caught you by surprise with Diamond and Pearl?

    I just started the English game and there are two things that I had no clue about even after having the Japaneses game: (okay, first things to note that may not have to do with it, but I traded the eggs from my Japanese game) Genderless Pokemon with egg moves!? This could have been in Ruby...
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    to be Legendary Guardian...

    Lets say realities were swapped and we played a game called "Animals" in which you played a human person in a world of animals, and our world is the pokemon world. Now lets say you could have any legendary pokemon you wanted, which one would you get (assuming Deoxys and Mewtwo are not...
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    Ash vs. the World

    Ash has been travelling on his journey to become a pokemon master for a long time now, and I know many fans have comments on his actions, so it raises the question: Do you think you could have done better? Basically, this topic is saying if you were a character in the Anime, do you think you...
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    This topics a little unappropreate and taboo but...

    What's going on with all of our members? It seems like every day someone is banned. What's going on are people "volunteering" to leave, is this because of the DP rush, people just acting up? I know a bunch of new members were banned recently but I was shocked to see TK banned... so I'm just...
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    Fake Pokemon and Fan Art

    Formerly: For fans of May (Updated with Bouysel) (Haruka, not the month) I drew this servicey picture of Haruka the other day because I was reading a lot of topics where people thought she would most likely be replaced in the Daimond and Pearl Season of Pokemon, however I made this to show...
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    Which Old Pokemon do you want to Return in Daimond and Pearl (if any)

    Just as the title states it. I guess we can assume that both Diamond and Pearl may not include all of the monsters from the previous generations. So which monsters do you want to return, and if a legendary (or if you just want to) explain why (Personally I think Legendaries should have a...
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    The Big Question- Pokemon: What's not to get?

    after reading the Time Magazine Quotes again, its got me to thinking about the famous Pokemon Topic again: people claiming, "I don't get it (Pokemon, that is), why is it so popular?" Personally, I feel if you are paying attention, there is no way not to get why it appeals to kids, gamers, and...
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    Pokemon in Robot Chicken (again)

    Cartoon Network's Robot chicken featured pokemon in a parody again, but this time it's pretty funny instead of stupid I don't know if it was on here already or not, but I figured its funny enough to bring up
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    MY first Pictures in a long while:

    Um, I don't know what to say about them. I think they are ok.. The Lucario picture turned out brighter than I intended it to be.. I'm using an older monitor that makes images look darker than they are so hopefully it's not blinding. I think I made the head too small and the right hand too...