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Search results

  1. Spindae2

    Will CONTESTS ever make a comeback?

    Contests were an integral part of the anime during the Advanced and DP generation! And now we are just stuck with Ash gym leader adventure(BTW the battles got pretty boring and bad!) The reason why I loved the Contest was cause of the animation which always was on a high level especially during...
  2. Spindae2

    Unova league coming up! What's next?? Or what's coming before ?

    With Ash reaching the 7th gym! and probably reaching the league around BW100! What will happen after the league!? The next gen won't come till next year! My Ideal IDEA would be Ash go back to Kanto, challenge the gym's and win the KANTO LEAGUE, and be the champion just as RED is! and so we...
  3. Spindae2

    Pokemon B&W : Rival Destinies

    Cartoon Network has announced that they will start airing a new Pokemon season, begging 18th of February, called Pokemon Black & White: Rival Destinies ! A very specific title!? why did they choose this one? Are there more rivals and rival battle to come? I really hope so ,cause for me the...
  4. Spindae2

    BW47 & BW48: Battle Subway! One Hour special! (Part One and Two)

    http://i.imgur.com/5TDsY.jpg http://i.imgur.com/QXSVj.jpg http://i.imgur.com/CcUK9.jpg Arriving in Raimon City, Satoshi and friends ride upon the underground subway and encounter the mystery, "Ghost Train"
  5. Spindae2

    Nimbasa city- Multiple episode ARC

    With the 4th gym coming ahead and the great Nimbasa city being a part of it what will the anime creators give us to see on TV? Will N! make an appearance ? Will there be a new TR vs TP fight? Will the Ferry Wheel be shown? Bianca and her dad? what do you think?
  6. Spindae2

    What is the role of Bianca?

    Bianca appeared for now in 4 episodes and she is not the type of trainer who is the great Rival! After BW27 I truly saw her series regular potential, and would love for her to stay with the group! She is funny and reminded me a little of Dawn yesterday! What do you think?!
  7. Spindae2


    The title of the next episode came out, Satoshi VS Kengo! Sailing for Respective Roads!!. I think in this episode Gible will evolve. What do you think?