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  1. Time Breaker

    Up vs Down Episode 74: A Godly Mortal & A Mortal Deity

    Yes yes, it's version 74 of UVD. You probably know the drill by now based on the thread title, but I'll recap the rules just in case any of those fabled newcomers decide to show their faces! Oh, and if you're a regular, make sure you review these so they're fresh in your mind. All standard...
  2. Time Breaker

    Up vs Down Chapter 65: My Hero Academia vs RWBY

    Hello! Glad you stopped by to check out the 65th edition of Up vs Down! In this version, we have two very popular series that aren't particularly related to each other but I kinda wanted something balanced so uh... ... Anyway! There are some important rules to follow whilst playing the game...
  3. Time Breaker

    "Up vs Down" vol 55: Android Animosity

    Hi there, and welcome to the 55th edition of the game we like to call The One-Sided Number Counting Game Up vs Down! In the latest chapter, we (finally) have a Dragon Ball-based game. Android 17 and Android 18 duke it out - but for what reason? Before we get to the good stuff, there are some...
  4. Time Breaker

    Up vs Down #49 ~ Naruto vs Sasuke

    "You... Naruto... I want you to fight me. Fight me now." Bad blood started to boil between Naruto of the Uzumaki Clan and Sasuke of the near-extinct Uchiha Clan. Naruto was too strong for Sasuke to accept. He had to settle things here. Welcome one and all to issue 49 of Up vs Down, and the...
  5. Time Breaker

    TEEN: Dragon Ball Universe (#13: 14 October 2016)

    A non-Pokémon fanfic inspired by the popular manga series by Akira Toriyama and the anime adaptation by Toei Animation! Instead of the story you're used to of Raditz to Buu (or Pilaf to Omega Shenron for some), this is a completely original story featuring many characters from the original...
  6. Time Breaker

    Finish the Story!

    One poster tells the beginning of a story (based on real events or not), and the next poster tells their ending of it. Then they post the beginning of another. For instance: Poster 1: Once upon a time, I broke my toothbrush. Poster 2: I missed it so much. The End. One day, I did X. And so on...
  7. Time Breaker

    Distorting the Flow of Time; Hello!

    Hi, everyone! I'm new here. My brother, @MatrixChap has been here for a bit, so it's my turn! Not to advertise, but you can also find me on Kanzenshuu as Anime Kitten. Anyway, catch ya later! :)