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  1. Blockhead Pippi

    Has anyone else also grown bored of the Pokemon games?

    I used to be really into Pokemon when I was a lot younger. I would get excited for each new installment, be it a main series game or a favorite spin-off like the Mystery Dungeon series. And even if I didn't get the newest thing, I was still heavily invested in them. But after 20 or so years of...
  2. Blockhead Pippi

    Apparently there's a really bad crash bug

    So I only just found this out on Twitter, but apparently Japanese players are experiencing some pretty horrendous crashes while playing. It's allegedly related to auto-saving and it wipes out data on the Switch's SD card. I'm not sure about posting the Twitter thread about it (since there's...
  3. Blockhead Pippi

    Spoilers How does US/UM hold up to S/M?

    Okay so the games aren't quite out yet until tomorrow, but that's pretty close. I absolutely hated Sun/Moon. Almost every moment of the game was a test on my patience. Having played Pokemon for over 15 or so years now, the forced tutorial that was Melemele Island was incredibly chore'some and...
  4. Blockhead Pippi

    They really need to make the GTS smarter

    I'm really sick of seeing all the rampant greed on the GTS. Whenever I look up a Pokemon, every result I see always asks for some legendary, mythical or otherwise one-of-a-kind Pokemon in return for it. It doesn't matter what the Pokemon is, people will still ask for a legendary for even the...
  5. Blockhead Pippi

    Meowth (Wizards Promo 10) page trivia

    I feel like this is something that should be pointed out. It's something that I have always noticed yet no one else has. The physical print of Meowth (Wizards Promo 10) was illustrated by Kagemaru Himeno. Yet while the artwork on the physical card was illustrated to resemble the GB version of...
  6. Blockhead Pippi

    Were there any basic NPC trainers that gave you some trouble?

    Normally basic NPC trainers, people like Youngsters, Lasses and so forth who have no actual role or bearing on the plot, are fairly easy and generally give no trouble whatsoever. Though sometimes there's that one exception. I've played RBY since forever, so I usually have no problem with its...
  7. Blockhead Pippi

    GO New details from field test have emerged

    Some new details and screenshots on Pokemon GO have emerged since the field test started in Japan, courtesy of Nintendo Everything. More Pokemon GO details and screenshots - Nintendo Everything It's interesting, to say the least. I'm rather disappointed with its approach, but it's in no way...
  8. Blockhead Pippi

    Am I right in thinking they are going to patch the glitches?

    I got into this little debate/argument with someone on another site, who was pretty mad that restore points are not being included in the Gen 1 VC releases. Personally I find that to be a stupid reason to get angry over, since having it only encourages cheating and cloning exploits. But it also...
  9. Blockhead Pippi

    GEN VI: Looking for Adaptability Skrelp

    I am looking to trade for an Adaptability Skrelp/Dragalge to breed for my team. I, unfortunately, don't have much to offer though, given how I spent the majority of my playtime EV training, but I can offer the following, Bred Chespin, Bulbasaur, some other Y exclusives (doubt anyone wants...
  10. Blockhead Pippi

    Kosaku's Pocket Monsters manga

    Since no one else is going to make a thread about this manga... I'm one of the few western people in the world who happens to really like Kosaku Anakubo's Pokemon Pocket Monsters manga, or at least the looks of it. Unlike the more popular and famed series such as Special, Pocket Monsters is...
  11. Blockhead Pippi

    If you could change the name of anything, what would it be?

    If you could change the name of anything in the Pokemon franchise, whether it be the name of a Pokemon species, a move, a person, a place, or whatever it could be, what would you then call it and why? For me, I would change Mirror Move's name to "Mockingbird". The original name in Japanese...
  12. Blockhead Pippi

    Elite 4, do you train prior?

    How ready is your Pokemon team to face the Elite 4 when you first reach them? Are they just about the right level, or severely underleveled? For me, my Pokemon are always underleveled whenever I reach the E4 in any given game. Often my team is either 10 or 20 levels short, and then I have to...
  13. Blockhead Pippi

    Stupidest things a wild or a trainer's Pokemon has done?

    Of course, we cannot expect programmed things to make the best of decisions when we're fighting against them. But sometimes, there are just some really dumb moments that a wild or a NPC's Pokemon might do. What's some of the most stupidest things they've done? There's too many for me to keep...
  14. Blockhead Pippi

    Bulbapedia Unreleased Pokemon & characters to Prototype Pokemon & characters

    Someone suggested that we could also create threads when discussing whether an article should be moved/renamed or not. There's still the talk page too of course. In regards to this article, Unreleased Pokémon and characters - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia I had marked...
  15. Blockhead Pippi

    What GRBY sprites do you think is the best?

    Generally, I see a lot of talk about which of GRBY/Gen I's Pokemon sprites were the worse, with many different opinions. But maybe instead of finding the sprites you find to be the 'worst', why not take a moment to appreciate some things in the games by saying which sprites you find to be the...
  16. Blockhead Pippi

    Is Pokemon Adventures worth getting?

    I've been wondering lately... Is the second edition, and continuation, of Pokemon Adventures worth getting? When I was younger, I used to be so fascinated by the very original print, which unfortunately for me had went out of print a long time ago, and I wanted to stay away from the "Best of"...
  17. Blockhead Pippi

    Coast glitch on Seaforms Island too? (R/B)

    I'm starting to wonder if that infamous old man/Missingno/coast glitch can also be activated on the coast of Seaform Islands in Red/Blue as well... I'm sure we all know that one of the reasons that causes Missingno to only appear in Cinnabar's coast is because no wild Pokemon were programmed...
  18. Blockhead Pippi

    Eh, hi.

    Eh, hello everyone. You may know me as the user Rai Marshall from Bulbapedia, decided that I would join the Bulbagarden forums, mostly to provide my own comments and opinions on announcements and the like. ...I guess that's it.