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  1. $aturn¥oshi

    RANDOM MESSAGES 16: Rocket Man!

  2. $aturn¥oshi

    GO Who's Your Buddy Pokemon?

    Magneton to get some power up candies. At least until I can go to a nest to catch a bunch of Magnemite.
  3. $aturn¥oshi

    GO Eevee-lutions in GO

    If you don't want to waste the nickname, you can walk an Eevee for 10km as your buddy, and evolve it when it's daytime in the game to get an Espeon, too. Nighttime for Umbreon. They have to still be assigned as your buddy when you evolve. The first three evolutions are still random, though...
  4. $aturn¥oshi

    Team Skull Takin' Over!

    Yo, yo, yo! Listen up, numbskulls! We, Team Skull, had a bone to pick with the Bulbagarden staff. We decided that those hard heads weren't the bosses of us, but they just called us riffraff. These bones grew into a battle of wits, And the winner was this band of misfits. We now hereby claim...
  5. $aturn¥oshi

    A statement from the staff of Bulbagarden

    Well, technically speaking, this sector of the websites is about the community who just happen to enjoy Pokémon, and yes, politics affect the members of said community.
  6. $aturn¥oshi

    Blogs temporarily disabled

    Archaic has been the one communicating with the devs over the blog issue. Archaic is also super busy with IRL commitments. As of now, there has been no word with the XenForo devs on when the blog fix will be implemented, but believe me when I say that as soon as Archaic finds out more info, it...
  7. $aturn¥oshi

    Post your trainer pics!

    Sun: Moon:
  8. $aturn¥oshi

    Pokemon Stars Discussion Thread (Speculation)

    And not just content from the past Gen that was cut either. I mean why not animate the character opening a gate, or showing the ferries moving across the water (even in a few second cutscene-type deal like the ferries in FireRed/LeafGreen)?..
  9. $aturn¥oshi

    Pokemon Stars Discussion Thread (Speculation)

    Honestly, after what Nintendo has done with Smash Bros, Hyrule Warriors, Super Mario Maker and Yoshi's Woolly World being on both a console and handheld, it makes sense that they would move their big handheld franchise forward onto a console platform. 3DS is really being pushed to its limits...
  10. $aturn¥oshi

    [SPOILERS] Sun&Moon Datamine Thread (No story spoilers!)

    So they want people to gravitate more towards the Alola species instead of transferring mons they already know. Doesn't sound bad to me. Plus, a National Dex can always be patched in later.
  11. $aturn¥oshi

    Review XY140: The Endless Zero! Until the Day We Meet Again!!

    Children do not get confused over characters innocently kissing in a program. Especially off-screen. If it were anything objectionable, the censors wouldn't have allowed any of it to begin with. Anything shown on Tv these days targeted towards a younger audience has already been screen for...
  12. $aturn¥oshi

    Why the Kalos Pokédex sucks

    Alola will have less regional Pokémon overall split across four dexes, but introduces slightly more species than Kalos.
  13. $aturn¥oshi

    Ash is a Nuzlocke Player Theory

    I don't do Nuzlocke plays, but I'm pretty sure catching 30 Tauros isn't in the rules.
  14. $aturn¥oshi

    Bulbanews Question about a deleted article

    Have you inquired with SnorlaxMonster on his talk page? I'm sure there is a logical reasoning.
  15. $aturn¥oshi

    Preview Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon

    Rule of thumb, if we cannot have a debate without getting hurt feelings, then it's best to just step away for a few minutes to cool off. Topics need not devolve into fights. So please, let's keep this thread civil. Thank you.
  16. $aturn¥oshi

    Character customization

    What controversy is there with character customization? Either do it, or don't. It's not mandatory.
  17. $aturn¥oshi

    Where is Mewtwo?

    Wasn't there a Mewtwo in that Genesect movie? What was that all about?
  18. $aturn¥oshi

    Speculation Is Generation VI really done?

    Game Freak is fully aware of all 721+ Pokémon they are working with. I really doubt announced changes will not be reflected in future games. GF has been really good with keeping up with continuity over the years. Zygarde doesn't need to keep dwelling in Generation Six to have its full potential...
  19. $aturn¥oshi

    Generation VII confirmed!

    Clearly those are the remaining Infinity Stones. Pokémon as part of the Marvel Universe confirmed! :p