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Search results

  1. Puddle

    Which Sinnoh game are you most excited for?

    Sinnoh confirmed - twice! Two games set in the Sinnoh region are on the horizon, but which one are you looking forward to the most? The Pokemon Company ran a poll similar to this on social media, but I think it was a bit unfair because they made Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl two separate...
  2. Puddle

    Which starter will you choose?

    Ah, there's nothing like a good old starter Pokémon poll! Who will you choose - Turtwig, Chimchar or Piplup? I will almost certainly be choosing Turtwig. It was my #1 favourite Pokémon for a while, and has always been my go-to starter in both Pearl and Platinum. Part of me thinks it would be...
  3. Puddle

    Removing all randomness from battles - would it work?

    Some people claim that Pokemon isn't a truly competitive game, because there is an element of chance to the battles. A Pokemon dodging a Focus Blast, being frozen by an Ice Beam, or getting a stat boost from Ancient Power can completely turn the tides. But what would happen if all randomness...
  4. Puddle

    Any Doctor Who fans here?

    There are two franchises I'm a massive fan of. One of them is Pokémon, and the other is Doctor Who! Does anyone else here like Doctor Who? Which Doctor is your favourite? I love all of them, but my number one favourite is Matt Smith, the first Doctor I watched right from the beginning of his...
  5. Puddle

    Did Mina travel through time?

    In Sun and Moon, Red and Blue are in their twenties. In Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee, they're 11. Mina, however, appears to be about the same age in both games. How did this come about? Did she travel through time, or slip through an Ultra Wormhole into an alternate universe? Perhaps the...
  6. Puddle

    What's your favourite region?

    Eight regions, each with their own unique culture, geography and biodiversity. Which is your favourite, and why? Additionally, feel free to talk about your least favourite region, or even rank all of them, if you like.
  7. Puddle

    Design your perfect game

    Imagine that you were the director of an upcoming Pokémon game, and had free reign to do absolutely anything. What would that game look like? Which aspects of the series would you change, and which would you keep the same? What kinds of Pokémon, characters, locations, storylines and features...
  8. Puddle

    Least favourite core series game?

    A counterpart to the "Favourite core series game?" thread. Which core series game is your least favourite, and why?
  9. Puddle

    Favourite core series game?

    The "favourite" and "least favourite" threads for enhanced versions, remakes and primary paired versions were a lot of fun. Now the Crown Tundra is out and we can experience Sword and Shield in what is presumably their entirety, it seems like a good time for a pair of definitive polls for the...
  10. Puddle

    Your favourite Ghost-type Pokémon (Hallowe'en special!)

    With Hallowe'en approaching, I thought it would be a good time to talk about Ghost-type Pokémon. Which ones do you like the most? My favourite is Decidueye. When its concept art leaked prior to Sun and Moon's release, I desperately wanted it to be real because I love the design so much...
  11. Puddle

    Your favourite unevolved Pokémon

    Over in the controversial opinions thread, @Type Moon made a great point about unevolved Pokémon: So I thought it would be nice to make a thread where we can show our appreciation for unevolved Pokémon. Which are your favourites? Have you ever tried making them part of your team in a game...
  12. Puddle

    What was the first Pokemon you ever caught?

    Inspired by the "Is your favorite starter the first one you ever picked?" thread. Most of us remember the first starter we ever chose, but can you remember what the first wild Pokemon you ever caught was? And does that Pokemon hold any special significance for you today? Pokemon GO counts...
  13. Puddle

    What are your dreams and aspirations?

    Pokémon is all about having dreams and aspirations, so let's talk about our real life ones! They can be big or small... maybe there's a place you'd like to visit, or a career you want to pursue, or you want to get married and have children, or you're secretly plotting to be the next President...
  14. Puddle

    If you could change a Pokémon's type...

    Have you ever wished that you could change a Pokémon's type? There's quite a few I would change if I had the chance.... Galarian Farfetch'd and Sirfetch'd - Fighting/Flying I know they can't fly, but neither can Doduo and Dodrio. If simply being a bird was enough to be classed as Flying in...
  15. Puddle

    Least favourite primary paired versions?

    Following on from the "least favourite enhanced version" and "least favourite remake" threads, which pair of games do you think got its respective generation off to the worst start?
  16. Puddle

    Favourite primary paired versions?

    Following on from the "favourite enhanced version" and "favourite remake" threads, which pair of games do you think got its respective generation off to the best start?
  17. Puddle

    Do you think Pokémon GO has helped or hindered the franchise?

    I'm undecided, myself. I was thrilled by the 2016 hysteria - who'd have thought that Pokémon would ever hit the headlines again? It's been wonderful to see more people engaging with the franchise, and I love the fact that liking Pokémon has become trendy again. On the other hand, it could be...
  18. Puddle

    Has joy-con drift affected your experience of SwSh and LGPE at all?

    I bought a second-hand Switch last year and was having a blast with SwSh and LGPE, until a few months ago when my left joy-con started drifting. It's been gradually getting worse, to the point where it's now sometimes difficult to navigate menus and select the right move during battles. The...
  19. Puddle

    A possible solution for Dexit

    I think I may have thought a solution for Dexit. What if future games allowed you to transfer in any Pokemon outside the regional dex, except that it must be fully evolved? That way, there would be less animations to program, but everyone's cherished partners could still be brought forward as...
  20. Puddle

    What is your favourite game from each region?

    If you had to choose just one game from each region, which would they be? I know there isn't a lot of choice for Kalos and Galar, but you can still tell us which version you chose if you like. Here's mine... Kanto: Let's Go, Pikachu! I have to admit, I've often found Kanto a little dull, and...