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Search results

  1. J

    Wanted: Focus Sash

    I can give Feebas, Legendaries, and DW Pokemon in return. Multiple if necessary. I'll be on until 2:30 am PST or after 1 pm PST.
  2. J

    Wanted - Brave Ditto

    OH GOD PLEASE. I am at my breeding wits end. I have some Eevee with Helping Hand and Feebas as well as other Pokemon and items that I can offer. Ask and I'll see if I have it :)
  3. J

    Wanted: Happiny or Chansey with Hidden Ability

    I am aware that Blissey with the Hidden Ability, Healer, was available during a Christmas event. If anyone could breed and trade these Pokemon with their Hidden Abilities - Happiny with Friend Guard or Chansey with Healer - that would be swell. I do not have any shinies, but can offer Feebas...
  4. J

    What episode is this from?!

  5. J

    Pokemon Mosaics

    I've only done one so far, but here he is:
  6. J

    Master Ball Stories?

    Does anyone have any interesting/dorky/depressing stories about Master Balls? I first played Red in 7th grade, and a friend of mine was helping me get Mewtwo after I had beat the game. When he was battling Mewtwo, he asked me where my Master Ball was. I told him I had used it on a...
  7. J

    Which move switches items?

    Which move switches held items?
  8. J

    EV training question? 252 or 255?

    I'm getting contradicting information on EV training. Is the maximum number of EVs in one stat 255 or 252? Thanks.
  9. J

    Pokeball beach ball?

    My boyfriend and I were at the beach where we saw a couple of kids playing with a beach ball in the likeness of a Pokeball. I tried to find one on the internet, but failed. Can anyone tell me where to get one? Thanks
  10. J

    Does anyone live in the pacific northwest?

    Friends and I are starting a Pokemon club. Here's a facebook event for our first meeting: http://www.facebook.com/inbox/?tid=1309839661445#/event.php?eid=273654818739&ref=mf. It's at a bar, so if you're under 21, you'll be kicked out at 10 pm.
  11. J


    Hey, could someone please help me get Spiritomb? Thanks.
  12. J

    Need help. Blanking on a word.

    Hey guys, writing an essay. What is that word...when you believe in something but don't do it? Like when someone says "you shouldn't lie," but they lie all the time. I think it starts with a p.
  13. J

    Questions About the Pokemon World Championships

    My friend and I were watching videos of the final battles for the 2009 Pokemon World Championships. We have some questions: 1. Are all the battles 2-on-2? 2. Did they not have a lvl 50 auto-reduction on purpose? 3. Does anyone know what move Shedinja is doing in the final Senior battle...