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    How to post videos

    After failing to find any aid on this I had to ask: how can I post videos? I see so many people do it easily when all I get is the link's URL in blue. I'd really appreciate some help on this, thanks in advanced.
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    Is making all of this worth it?

    I'm really confused & distressed about what I should be doing with my stories at this point. Let's see if I can keep everything as short as possible. I wanted to write fanfics for a bunch of things that I really enjoy (Digimon, Kamen Rider, Naruto, etc.) but found that rather than just...
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    Most common & annoying things that show up in Pokemon fiction

    What's something you constantly run into when looking at Pokemon fanfiction? For me, it's that the main character is either an Aura Guardian, owns a Pikachu or a Riolu/Lucario or both, or has control over some incredibly overpowered Pokemon (Metagross, Hydreigon, etc.) right at the start. These...
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    How are humans the dominant species in the Pokemon World?

    It's this question, plus logic, that made me leave from the site & Pokemon in general for atleast 2 years. I never hated Pokemon, I still like it even to this day. But this bit of realism just makes it so easy to like other Mon series like Digimon because of their established rules & logic. I...
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    Balancing Characters

    I have two characters of the main cast that get alot of focus in my story (their love interests is acted upon more, their strength is much higher than the others', their personalities are more diverse than those around them, etc.). And while I get that it's important to signify who the story is...
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    Putting yourself in the story.....

    I've been away for a while, life's caught up to me. And I've placed a few topics in here about how things in writing are & what other people's opinions are before. But there's one thing that I really wanted to ask that I never did: authors that place themselves in the story. No writer can ever...
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    Pokemon locations

    What I find interesting in Pokemon stories is how the writers deal w/ where & how people meet their Pokemon. What gets me about that is there are two different ways they do this: either they follow the games' specific locations or they just do whatever they want to make sure it fits w/ the...
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    Where to watch pre-BW episodes

    I can't find any site showing Pokemon episodes from the Sinnoh League. The ones I find don't wanna load at all. Is there a place where people can go watch these eps online?
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    Placement of plot & main character(s) vs cast

    Not sure quite how to describe this. Well, I have a core of 6 characters that I wanna put into a story. But I'm not entirely set on what exactly is the plot of the story. The first # of chapters are gonna be mostly the members of the cast/main characters (something I'll get on later) just...
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    Who would you like to be related to?

    Out of everyone we've seen in the main cast of the anime (including their rivals) who's someone you'd like to have as a brother, sister, cousin, etc? I think having people like Cilan & Barry as family would be funny times at home! :lol:
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    Aura Guardians & Psychics: What's the difference?

    Aura Guardians have been shown to project fields/attacks, read minds of others, sense others' presence, & have telepathy. Aura has also been stated to be the living essence in every living thing. Psychics have been shown to project fields/attacks, read minds of others, sense others' presence...
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    How Many Pokemon would you have/carry w/ you?

    Pokemon, being the creatures they are (powerful, personality driven, cuddly, etc.), would be great to have in a world like the Pokemon anime. But how many Pokemon would you like to have/carry if you were there? The "rules" of the Pokemon world say you can only have 6 w/ you at a time, but I...
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    Ghettos in the Pokemon World

    I've always wondered about this. So much of the world in Pokemon seems like such a clean & respectful place to live, I wouldn't even know where to start looking for a place that would fit as a ghetto. It makes sense looking at Pokemon's main audience, but still, it's like getting rid of...
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    Your choice in a Pokemon Race?

    Simple, what Pokemon would you like to use in a race? Personally, Rapidash is my pick. Kinda bias since it was in the old racing ep, but still a great pick IMO.
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    Your Favorite PokeGadget???

    Which little PokeGadget do you think is best/would you wanna have? PokeGear (Gen II): PokeGear (Gen IV): PokeNav: Poketch (DP): Poketch (Platinum): Xtransceiver:
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    Who should Brock's complete team have?

    Of all the Pokemon Brock has obtained throughout his travels, which 6 do you think he should have as his main team? I say Steelix, Sudowoodo, Marshtomp, Chansey, Forretress, & Croagunk.
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    Most Dangerous Pokemon

    With each passing Generation Pokemon seem to be more & more dangerous, particularly the Legendaries (from the cute & cuddly Mew to the vicious & rampaging Giratina). And people are somehow supposed to tame such beasts. So, which Pokemon would you consider to be the most dangerous to own or be...
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    What happened to "Shippers' Paradise"?

    Haven't been here in weeks, so I must've missed something. Why would the Forums get rid of it?
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    Which style Pokedex is your favorite?

    Of the many different version of the Pokedex that there are, which one do you like best? I myself can't decide between them, here are the different versions: Gen 1 (Kanto) Gen 2 (Johto) Gen 3 (Hoenn) Gen 3 (Kanto) HUGE Gen 4 (Sinnoh) HUGE Gen 4 (Sinnoh) HUGE Gen 4 (Johto) HUGE Gen...
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    How are Triple Battles & Rotational Battles gonna be in the anime?

    Having more than 1 Pokemon on each side for 1 trainer to handle is challenging enough, how can they handle 3? And Rotation Battles just don't seem like a possibility in the anime from what the games show us. What do you guys think?