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  1. J

    Hidden Ability Pokemon (Some Kalos)

    Hello! I'm very interested in a Bulletproof Chespin. Especially if you have a female (if not that's ok!). I don't have a Solar Power Helioptile, but I can offer spitback Helioptile breeds. Here is a spreadsheet that gives all of their info (IVs, nature, gender, etc)! I suggest looking at #s...
  2. J

    GEN VI: WANTED: Houndoomite

    Hello! I'm looking for someone kind enough to trade me a Houndoomite! I can offer Pokemon exclusive to X, such as Staryu, Houndour, or Clauncher. I can also give you a shiny stone, water stone, thunder stone, or leaf stone. I don't have a Manectite yet but I can trade it to you once I...
  3. J

    The "Is My Pokémon Hacked?" Thread

    Re: IS My Pokemon Hacked??? Lelouch; I think that's hacked. The DW Torchic came with 0 ribbons, which means it will stay with 0 ribbons since you can't get any ribbons in BW. Unless you downloaded it from Pokecheck, but even then it would only come with 1 ribbon. Also, yes, the Oblivia Heatran...
  4. J

    What is your favorite and least favorite starter Pokemon

    Favorite: Totodile Hard choice between Totodile and Torchic, but Totodile comes from my favorite game and it's one of my favorite types! But they are both so cute and have great final forms. Least Favorite: Tepig This wasn't a very hard choice at all... Honestly, they could have been more...
  5. J

    FAQ: Mystery Dungeon Help Thread

    Ohh! Cool, I didn't know something like that existed. That's a very handy tool c:
  6. J

    FAQ: Mystery Dungeon Help Thread

    Thank you so much! It's really appreciated. Here's the Thank-You Mail Password: S?4?0 MPYP41?0 ♂YH?4 ?MP?4 [email protected]?P7 ?5KH? 6-Y?R +1??R7(...)4 YFR2(...) Thanks again!
  7. J

    Spoilers The Official Travelog + Let's Play Thread

    Re: The Lost Tower's Travelog Ooo, I like this thread! I recently restarted my PMD Blue Rescue. I became an Eevee with my partner being a Torchic. I just defeated Rayquaza yesterday! Here's my current team: @{Special Band} | Lv. 31 ~ Attract ~ Sand-attack ~ Quick Attack ~ Bite @{Special Band}...
  8. J

    FAQ: Mystery Dungeon Help Thread

    I'm pretty sure this is where this goes: Alright, so I'm playing Blue Rescue team and I've fainted in a dungeon. The dungeon is Wyvern Cave. I would just exit the dungeon and accept the item losses (didn't really have anything important) but I've recruited a Dratini and I really don't want to...
  9. J

    Bulbagarden Champions League 2 [CANCELLED]

    Re: Bulbagarden Champions League 2 [Round 1] Beat Soulmaster, GG!
  10. J

    Bulbagarden Champions League 2 [CANCELLED]

    Re: Bulbagarden Champions League 2 [Round 1] Activity post; VMd Soulmaster!
  11. J

    The BCL auction discussion thread

    I hope GEB realizes that Soulmaster is already part of Trainer-C's team... :P
  12. J

    Bulbagarden Champions League 2 [Sign Up Thread]

    I think there's only 4 people per team, because there are 4 different tiers.
  13. J

    Bulbagarden Champions League 2 [Sign Up Thread]

    BW OU [WiFi] BW OU [Simulator] DPP OU [Simulator] Thanks, Badal, for letting me know about this. I'm sure it'll be fun! (Btw, captains, I'm not very good at BW OU, and probably lost the little sense I had for DPP OU... just saying :P)
  14. J

    Gen V Pokémon Wifi Ladder (CHALLENGE NOW)

    I'm so sorry, but I'm going to have to be removed from this ladder. :( I'm just not finding time to get my battles done (Articuno's Frost challenged me a while ago and I couldn't get it done). You can move Articuno's Frost in my spot, since I'm the one who's been having trouble finding time...
  15. J

    Trebloome Academy: Part II Lounge/Sign-ups

    I'd love to continue this RP, but I can't guarantee that I'll be able to post actively. I'm starting to get more and more homework, but I'm still in!
  16. J

    Gen V Pokémon Wifi Ladder (CHALLENGE NOW)

    Ok, I'll VM you when I see you online :)
  17. J

    The Terrible Twos Tourney !!Registration now OPEN!!

    I'll join :) My FC is 5114 5368 7270 but it could change soon if I use my other DS (I don't think it will, though).
  18. J

    Gen V Pokémon Wifi Ladder (CHALLENGE NOW)

    Lost to Akaigo in a super close match, 1-0! GG! :D There was some hax but it evened out (one crit on my side, one on his). So GG! :)
  19. J

    Trebloome Academy: Part II

    "Well that was a short breakfast," Miranda said. She chugged her glass of milk and threw her leftovers away, then withdrew her pokemon and headed for the Grand Hall. I hope a Battle Club is established after this seminar, she thought. And an Art Club would also be fun!
  20. J

    Trebloome Academy: Part II Lounge/Sign-ups

    Yeah, I like the new team as well. :) And, I changed her history about her pokemon league history. At first I had that she entered the Johto League and lost in the first round, and that she eventually made it to the semi-finals in the Unova league, but I changed it so that she only made it to...