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  1. Chocolate Bones

    Start Ups Shards [OPEN]

    For nearly a thousand years the skies on Earth were full of Homeworld warships and light cannon bursts at almost every corner of the planet. But on this night it was exceptionally quiet. Earth creatures called crickets sang their song in the lingering warmth of the summer. Earth's only moon...
  2. Chocolate Bones

    Sign Ups Shards (A Steven Universe RP) [OPEN]

    No such thing as a good war, kiddo. At the edges of Homeworld's reach, deep within the Crystal System, on the new colony known as Earth, a certain Quartz believed that Gems should be who they want to be, not what they were made to be. No Gem had ever dared think that way. That was the kind of...
  3. Chocolate Bones

    Start Ups One Piece: Duel on the Seas (TEEN)

    The world still reels in the calm between storms. The Battle of Marineford and the death of the King of the Sea has done little to dampen the spirits of the new generation of pirates. Young men and women, seeking adventure, romance, treasure, and glory continue on despite the perils and...
  4. Chocolate Bones

    Sign Ups One Piece: Duel on the Seas (TEEN): ALWAYS OPEN

    Hey, guys! Bones, here. It's good to be back! If you can't tell, I've been fairly obsessed with the manga/anime One Piece, and I don't use the word "obsessed" lightly. If you don't know what One Piece is, One Piece is a manga/anime series that follows a group of misfit pirates with all...
  5. Chocolate Bones

    Tales from Ground Zero, Episode 1: Aftermath [Sign-Ups]

    The year is 2018. The Earth has been devastated by a powerful chain of volcanic eruptions, and the sky has been cloaked in a disgusting blanket of smoke, ash, and embers for over 5 years. Most life one the surface died immediately. That which survived soon starved to death. Now all that's left...
  6. Chocolate Bones

    As of Yet Unnamed Legend of Korra RPG (Chocolate Bones, Knight of Day)

    "It's about time they re-opened this place!" Bolin hurriedly stuffed a cloth napkin into the collar of his shirt and proceeded to delve into the bowl of steaming noodles in front of him, using his chopsticks to create a whirlpool of broth that emptied into his mouth. The restaurant's staff...
  7. Chocolate Bones

    Pokémon Private Summer Academy: Phoenix (Start-Up!)

    Here we go, guys! This should sound pretty familiar to most of you XP -- The deep sounds of the ocean surround you as you sit in a comfortable, flawlessly white seat. The colors of the deep sea dye the sides of the train dark blue as it speeds toward its prestigious destination. It all...
  8. Chocolate Bones

    Pokémon Private Summer Academy: Phoenix (Sign-Up)

    Nearly a year since it began... The end is here... ---- Not long after the events of the first of the first chapter ended, an assailant sent Headmaster Warren to his deathbed and managed to escape. Though Warren is still alive, he lies on the brink of death; the assailant had accomplished...
  9. Chocolate Bones

    Chocolate Inc. [GRAND REOPENING]

    Welcome to Chocolate Inc.! Sorry, couldn't help it. No, it's not as awesome or edible as a chocolate factory, but it is a shop of sorts. Like any good shop, we've got a wide selection of sweet treats for you to enjoy, and by we I mean I, by sweet treats I mean banners 'n such, and...
  10. Chocolate Bones

    Pokémon Private Summer Academy (Start-up)

    Sorry for the delay, but... Drumroll please! *drumrolls* The wait is over! -- You stare out into the dark blue abyss as you rocket across the ocean floor. It’s hard to tell how fast you’re going. You don’t feel the speed, only the cool air flowing through the comfortably spaced car...
  11. Chocolate Bones

    Pokémon Private Summer Academy (Sign-up)

    Yes, I know this is the third+ school based RPG, but I think there's a lot of potential, so, I say... Wynaut? (See what I did there? Heh... Let's just get to it) ---- You are an exceptional trainer and have been offered a chance to attend the greatest summer training program on Earth...
  12. Chocolate Bones

    P.B.'s Arts 'n Such... Perhaps a Shop? :O

    Thanks to the massive influx of art that we've had lately, I've been inspired to make my own art thread ;D This is just some stuff I made using Paint and GIMP 2, so it's nothing special. I'll probably update this frequently if anyone cares to look at it. Feedback is appreciated and encouraged...
  13. Chocolate Bones

    Issues with Blog

    I was hoping I would never have to post a thread in this forum, but I've been having some problems with my blog. I made a draft of a blog entry and saved it so I could work on it later. When I went to post the blog, it wouldn't let me. Instead, I decided to copy everything and paste it into a...
  14. Chocolate Bones

    Pokémon Cast Away (Start-up!)

    You wake up to the sounds of a merciful ocean brushing against the golden shore, the tide barely licking at your feet. You’re lying on a bed of coarse sand. You sit up and look around with weary eyes. You see several Pokémon from the plane, but have a hard time remembering who they are. In fact...
  15. Chocolate Bones

    Pokémon Cast Away (Sign-up!)

    I was watching one of my favorite movies, Cast Away, this weekend, and it somehow popped into my head that this might be a good idea for an RPG, so here's my first shot at a Pokémon RPG ;D ! Wish me/it luck! Even though it looks like a lot to read, it's pretty straight forward. ----...
  16. Chocolate Bones

    Hey Everyone!

    Hello all! I'm obviously new here and I thought I'd introduce myself first, and I hope this was the right place to do it. I just recently discovered Bulbapedia and thought I'd drop in on the forums. Well... see ya around!