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  1. J

    GEN VI: WANTED: Houndoomite

    Hello! I'm looking for someone kind enough to trade me a Houndoomite! I can offer Pokemon exclusive to X, such as Staryu, Houndour, or Clauncher. I can also give you a shiny stone, water stone, thunder stone, or leaf stone. I don't have a Manectite yet but I can trade it to you once I...
  2. J

    PMD ~ Zoroark Strikes!

    It was early in the morning, and the sun had just risen. Miju walks outside of her small, comfortable team base, while her other teammates are sound asleep. There was a slight breeze in outside, and as Miju sat by a small pond near her base, she sighed, thinking about Zoroark, and his evil plan...
  3. J

    PMD ~ Zoroark Strikes!

    Plot In a world full of pokemon, - all pokemon, and no humans - there are many nice, caring, and generous pokemon. There are also many mean, and rude pokemon that don't care about others. But, there are also evil, and greedy pokemon, with no hearts at all, and all they care about is themselves...
  4. J

    Are there any Questshippers left?

    I searched for Questshipping and found some old threads. Now I wanna know if I'm the only Questshipper left. My favorite region is Johto, but the characters, Jimmy and Marina that are from Johto, never got to be in any anime episodes other than Pokemon Chronicles, which I think is unfair. The...
  5. J

    The Battle Fronteir!

    As most of you know,there will be a BF in HGSS.I think this is great,and want to discuss it here,so I made this thread.The only thing I really don't like about this BF is that it's the EXACT same thing as platinums BF,but what can I do?Here's a link to information about this BF: HGSS BF
  6. J

    How do you plan to take out Pokemon Trainer Red(Spoilers)?

    Well,since the original Silver and Gold, Red's pokemon have gotten stronger.I was never able to defeat Red in Silver,but I will get another chance to do so in Soul Silver!Here is Red's team(with movesets): So,discuss how you'll take down Red!Or,just talk about him!
  7. J

    Hi,I'm new =)

    Hi,I'm new here,like the title says.I live in the U.S,specifically Ohio.My name is Paige(Female),I'm currently in the 7th grade,and love the pokemon games(Can't wait for HGSS!). I love the Johto region,and love water types most!Especially totodile.I started playing pokemon when I was about 5...