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    The BCL auction discussion thread

    He hasn't been on in 8 days, I think you should use another member as an interim leader so we can at least begin.
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    Do you use legendaries?

    I used to, until i knew how to actually play pokemon now I try to play through a game with about 4 pokemon. Maybe try for 3. Usually the starter+2 pokes i really like.
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    Your First Level 100 Pokemon

    Arcanine in HeartGold took me forever to get it there, but it was finally done a couple years ago :D
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    The BCL auction discussion thread

    Yes but I'm pretty sure there are 4 tiers that will be played... But I wont speak to much into this since I'm not apart of your team. Finally bought, part of Team Mischeivious Heart, should be a fun time :D
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    The BCL auction discussion thread

    This auctioning is interesting to watch.. I keep rising and dropping in price.. gonna be interesting to see where i end up.
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    Bulbagarden Champions League 2 [Sign Up Thread]

    I'd like to be added to, BW OU [Sim] BW UU [Sim] DPP OU [Sim] I'm not well known around here but I'm a decent battler :D