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  1. Joshawott

    Favorite Alolan Regional Variant

    Competitively: Alolan Muk. My MVP during the VGC 2017 season. For the Memes: Alolan Exeggutor. I mean, who doesn't love this guy? In General: Alolan Vulpix. Its design didn't change drastically outside of the colour, but it's just so adorable.
  2. Joshawott

    What did you NOT like about Sun&Moon?

    - Festival Plaza. That thing can rot; the PSS was far more user-friendly. - Too easy. Please GameFreak, just give us an optional hard mode that isn't post-game and version exclusive. - Zygarde being unceremoniously shoe-horned in. - A lot of Pokémon having stupid rarities, despite the low number...
  3. Joshawott

    Pokemon Stars Discussion Thread (Speculation)

    Considering how accurate EuroGamer were with their other Switch related leaks, I'd say Pokémon Stars on the Switch is near set in stone at this stage anyway. In the past few years, GameFreak have developed smaller scale non-Pokémon titles for other systems (Tembo the Badass Elephant, Giga...
  4. Joshawott

    Ice Types: The Underdogs Again?

    I've seen Ninetales get a lot of competitive play this VGC season, but even then, everyone acknowledges how frail it is. The problem, is that with few exceptions (Alolan Ninetales, Weavile), GameFreak keeps on designing Ice-types to be slow and bulky, when it's probably the worst defensive...
  5. Joshawott

    Preview M20: I Choose You!

    I'm not saying it wouldn't have been. I wouldn't have minded if Misty and Brock had returned, I just also don't mind that they're not.
  6. Joshawott

    Preview M20: I Choose You!

    It's been a very long time since I was excited about a Pokémon movie, but this new trailer has scratched all my itches in just the right places. I can understand why some are concerned about newer species being integrated and more importantly, original characters filling roles previously...
  7. Joshawott

    GO Which team did you side with?

    There was no viable choice other than Team Valor for me, after all, my first game was Red.
  8. Joshawott

    Generation VII Mega Evolutions?

    One thing I would really like to see, is an ability that prevents Mega Evolution as long as the Pokémon with it remains active. All it would need is okay-ish or terrible base stats to counter the powerful ability. How about a Mega Clefable? It has a known connection to the moon and its stats...
  9. Joshawott

    Starter discussion/speculation

    I just hope Popplio evolves into something other than Water/Ice, although I can see that happening to counter Rowlet's Grass/Flying. Perhaps it will gain the Psychic-type and use telekinesis to cheat when balancing a bubble on its nose? Or it will just stay pure Water because reasons. Litten...
  10. Joshawott

    Generation VII Legendary Pokemon Discussion

    I wonder if Lunala will be a Dark/Fairy-type? I think that would be really cool. For Solgaleo, I can see it being pure Fire-type, but I wonder if it might end up being Fire/Steel? Looks kind of artificial, in a sense.
  11. Joshawott

    Trailers and News Discussion

    It is =3
  12. Joshawott

    Generation VII Legendary Pokemon Discussion

    I have to say, the Moon legendary is probably the coolest we've seen in a very long time. I'm not that keen on the Sun legendary at the moment, but it will probably grow on me.
  13. Joshawott

    Starter discussion/speculation

    GameFreak just had to go and base two of the starters on my favourite animals didn't they? I'm really torn between Rowlet and Popplio, but I think I'm leaning towards Popplio at this stage. I love all the starters though; Litten's design is really cool. Not sure I like Rowlet's English name...
  14. Joshawott

    Trailers and News Discussion

    Remember: Pokénchi delivered exactly what they promised. If anyone is feeling salty about today's lack of news, then they shouldn't blame Pokénchi or The Pokémon Company, but the hit-hungry glorified bloggers and general sites who were unwilling to research past trends and exacerbated...
  15. Joshawott

    Trailers and News Discussion

    I can't believe people honestly got themselves so hyped for this; I mean, the exact same thing has been happening since before some of the kids on the show were even born :p. Fortunately, there's not long until the next CoroCoro issue though. I mean, it will likely leak at the beginning of the...
  16. Joshawott

    New moderators and a change in leadership in Pokemon Video Games/Sun and Moon

    Wow. No one lamenting my stepping down. I'm hurt :p Congratulations @Zebat and @Ryuutakeshi; I know the thought of succeeding someone as undeniably spectacular as myself must be daunting, but I have faith that you'll do an amazing job! The decision to step down as Section Head was one of the...
  17. Joshawott

    Things you want to see done in Sun and Moon

    I definitely agree with comments hoping for a story that doesn't revolve around legendary Pokémon. In fact, I'd like to go a step further and suggest that the version mascots be Stage 2 evolutions of a couple of the starters; like in Red/Green. If the new region is to have any legendaries, I...
  18. Joshawott

    Why did Game Freak foreshadow Sun and Moon in X and Y?

    I don't think a lot of the so-called "references" were strictly speaking about Sun/Moon simply due to how vague they are - everything that was somewhat alluded to has been the standard for every new region since Johto. They were likely just little nods that the franchise will continue. If...
  19. Joshawott

    What Gen VI features do you expect to be kept in Gen VII?

    I can definitely see some variant of the PokéNav Plus functionality returning in Sun/Moon, although it may not necessarily be called that and be an integrated feature of whatever the next accessory might be. The PSS-related features will no doubt return as well, but I just hope the menus are...
  20. Joshawott

    Revealed Gen VII Pokémon discussion!

    Spritzee isn't a flamingo though; it's closer to a cockatoo. It could also probably do a lot better than Aromatisse. Man, I loved Spritzee's design but then it went and evolved into that.