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  1. Fatima Shadow Frost Witch

    Random Quotes Games

    Anything is allowed be it from Anime Games Movies TV Shows Think I'll let next one start
  2. Fatima Shadow Frost Witch

    Random Images V.3

    If we have Random Messages, why not Random Images? The rule for this thread: find a picture and post it! You can post a picture by using tags. (If they provide a BB code for the picture, then all you need to do is copy and paste that link.) All standard BMGf rules apply. (Found here...
  3. Fatima Shadow Frost Witch

    Get through A to Z without having the Staff resetting to A

    I'll start this new version off. A Update: All staff reset the count, not just the F&G staff.
  4. Fatima Shadow Frost Witch

    A Pokemon Starting with V.2

    Like the old thread, post the name of a Pokémon that starts with the last letter of the previous Pokémon. Only the u and x rule no longer applies. For Pokémon that end in non-alphabetic characters (eg. Nidoran♂, Porygon2, etc.), use the last alphabetic character to start the next name. So...
  5. Fatima Shadow Frost Witch

    The Official BMGF Quiz Thread

    Rules are as follows 1.Posters find a quiz from whatever quiz site they want 2.Said member would then post the link to said quiz as well as the results/images(if there are any) 3.Next person to post would find a different one and do the same as in #2 4.This would continue until any member of...
  6. Fatima Shadow Frost Witch

    Anime This or That

    Rules here are the same as in the other 2 this or that threads Anything anime related is allowed here which includes Pokemon(but would prefer it be kept in the Poke This or That thread) I'll start off Gundam Wing or Neon Genesis Evangelion
  7. Fatima Shadow Frost Witch

    B/W Interview

    I found a rather interesting interview in a local gaming magazine with K.Sugimori&J.Masuda if you want to know what they said K.Sugimori #3 Can't take a photo of it as it sits dead center of page so can't post it here J.Masuda
  8. Fatima Shadow Frost Witch

    Game seasons

    I wonder if they change during the same time as we get them in real life?
  9. Fatima Shadow Frost Witch

    HG&SS finished times

    How long did you take to beat the game? my time is set at 21:55
  10. Fatima Shadow Frost Witch

    Trouble with referrals

    I recently gained a new member for us but it didn't show on my referral list is there any reason why it didn't show?
  11. Fatima Shadow Frost Witch


    Here we go with another Appealshipping thread let's try to keep this one free of flaming and everything else :)
  12. Fatima Shadow Frost Witch


    I'm the latest member and a heavily exprienced Pokemon trainer and no before anyone asks I don't have a friend code