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  1. Plague von Karma

    Pokemon Twitter deletes Porygon Tweet: Controversy and History

    The official Pokemon Twitter fell under scrutiny earlier this week after making a tweet regarding Porygon. This was in reference to the banned episode "Dennō Senshi Porygon", often referred to as "Electric Soldier Porygon", which notoriously caused thousands of seizures. Soon after deleting the...
  2. Plague von Karma

    Pokémon Center Hiroshima reopens after COVID-19 case, new health precautions

    The Pokémon Center Hiroshima was temporary closed due to an employee testing positive for COVID-19. The store closed on August 15 and reopened on August 18, 2020 after it had been cleaned. The store will resume business as normal, albeit with health and safety precautions being taken. On August...
  3. Plague von Karma

    Pokemon you like that no one else does!

    I think it may be a case of myself being more involved with the competitive scene, where it's often called ugly and useless LOL. I see YouTubers do it a lot too and I'm there like "But look at those wiiiiiings!"
  4. Plague von Karma

    Pokemon you like that no one else does!

    It's been mentioned before, but I've found people really like to rag on Mr. Mime and Jynx. Dunsparce too. Mr. Mime is super fun to use competitively thanks to its massive support movepool. Fake Out, Wide Guard, screens, Technician, hell the Galarian form just nukes Aurora Veil teams. It's super...
  5. Plague von Karma


    I could have sworn I had an account here like a decade ago lol. Then again, I'm pretty sure it would have rung a dozen security alarm bells given how much my life has changed since then... Anyway, here I am! I primarily work around the Smogon and RBY 2k20 forums, though I also labbed Smash...