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  1. Haruka_Rules!

    Anime Your Unpopular Anime, Manga and J-Pop Opinions

    I'm surprised that Land of the Rising Sun doesn't have this yet so here it is. Please keep Pokemon related examples to its own thread. I give some of mine to get started. I do not care for Attack on Titan. I found Steins;Gate so boring that I didn't even bother finishing the series...
  2. Haruka_Rules!

    Manga Anime and/or manga that you initially did not like but ended up loving it

    The one anime that comes to my mind was Rurouni Kenshin. When I first watched it at my friend's house way back in 2001, I did not really care for it since I was more interested in mecha and sci-fi type anime. At that time, I saw the English dubbed version. I watched a couple episodes again about...
  3. Haruka_Rules!

    Favorite/least favorite Mystery Dungeon games?

    What are your favorite Mystery Dungeon games? Also what are your least favorite Mystery Dungeon games?
  4. Haruka_Rules!

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    Share what your latest video game purchases were (yes you can include things like systems, accessories, etc). Feel free to add what you have paid for them if you want and post whenever you get something new, just don't spam or double post. Have fun!
  5. Haruka_Rules!

    17th anniversary of Oklahoma City bombing

    Today, Apr 19 2012, marks the 17th anniversary of Oklahoma City bombing. It was the deadliest terror attack on US soil until 9/11. On April 19, 1995, a bomb destroyed most of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. 168 people, including 19 children were killed and over 500...
  6. Haruka_Rules!

    Opinion on the Pokemon Anime

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but I'm curious as to what you think about the Pokemon anime, including the movies. So do you think the anime is: overrated, underrated, or just right? Why?
  7. Haruka_Rules!

    Pokemon on Sega Pico

    Have any of you ever tried out the Pokemon games for the Sega Pico? Are they fun to play? For those that don't know. There were at least 3 Pokemon games that were released on the Sega Pico in Japan. I'm not sure about the other 2 but one of them was an educational game that teaches the...
  8. Haruka_Rules!

    Pikachu- Symbol of Pokemon franchise

    Do you agree that the mascot of the Pokemon franchise is Pikachu? If not, what do you think should be the mascot for the franchise?
  9. Haruka_Rules!

    Your favorite Pokemon films

    Since Arceus and the Jewel of Life came out in the US, I decided to make another poll on your favorite Pokemon films. :-)
  10. Haruka_Rules!

    Platinum save issue?

    Sorry if this has been brought up before. I bought a used copy of Platinum from GameStop a few weeks ago. I notice it takes longer to save than other Pokemon games. It takes about 10-35 seconds depending on how much it's saving. Is that normal or do I have a bad copy? I hope there's nothing...
  11. Haruka_Rules!

    Will Leaf make an appearance in the anime?

    Do you think Leaf from the FR & LG games will make an appearance in the anime? I hope so. :-)
  12. Haruka_Rules!

    Favorite main characters

    What are your favorite main characters from the Pokemon franchise? It can be from the anime, games and/or mangas. Mine 1. May 2. Misty 3. Ash 4. Brock 5. Red 6. Brendan 7. Jessie 8. Kris/ Marina 9. Leaf 10. Dawn
  13. Haruka_Rules!

    If you could be a human character from the anime or games, who would you be?

    If could choose, I'd be May. She's my favorite character from the Pokemon franchise. :)
  14. Haruka_Rules!

    Why are Pokemon GBA games...

    I went to GameStop last night and I saw FR, LG, S, & R for $30 per game and E for $40! They were all cart only too. The last time I checked, the games were still expensive online(though not as bad as GameStop's prices) I know the games are awesome, but still, they shouldn't be so pricey...
  15. Haruka_Rules!

    Favorite system?

    What are your favorite system(s) to play Pokemon games?
  16. Haruka_Rules!

    Most memorable Pokemon

    What's your most memorable Pokemon, besides Ash's Pikachu, from the anime? Turtwig, Charizard, Mudkip, Misty's Psyduck and Staryu, Mew, Ash's Bayleef and Dawn's Piplup are my picks.
  17. Haruka_Rules!

    Pokemon Heroes Question

    I watched Pokemon Heroes again today and I was wandering. SPOILER WARNING FOR THOSE THAT HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE.
  18. Haruka_Rules!

    Pokemon Edition systems

    What Pokemon Edition systems do you own? As for me, I have a Pokemon GBC that changes gold to silver and vice versa.
  19. Haruka_Rules!

    Favorite Pokemon Movies

    What are some of your favorite Pokemon movies?
  20. Haruka_Rules!

    May (Sapphire)

    I never read the mangas so was May (Sapphire) any different in the mangas than she was in the anime and video games?