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  1. HumanDawn

    Mafia DanganRonpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy Mafia - ENDGAME - Recall THE END (Town Victory)

    Hope Vs. Despair Welcome to DanganRonpa3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy Mafia! This game will be a bit of an unusual Mafia game, which has many similarities to post restriction in that there is a rule that must be followed to stay alive. Here's a very important breakdown about the game that...
  2. HumanDawn

    Mafia Pokemon Best Wishes! Episode N Mafia 1/04/2015 - ENDGAME - TEAM PLASMA WIN

    Pokemon Best Wishes! Episode N https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=St5-SdAw6wI The long awaited sequel to Pokemon Best Wishes! Season 2 Mafia, and spiritual successor of Fire and Ice Mafia hosted by Paperhorse; and Phoenicks;. PLOT...
  3. HumanDawn

    Why do you think Wally was absent in the anime?

    After playing ORAS, I started thinking of how much nicer it would have been to have Wally in the main cast with May, Ash and Brock instead of Max. In the games when he started his journey he wasn't personally prepared and had to stop 1/4 in and go back home, so the staff could have made him a...
  4. HumanDawn

    Mafia Bravely Default Mafia - NIGHT 4 - ENDGAME MAFIA WIN 02/12/2014

    Intro Plot: (Please note that this game is in a parallel world so events that happened in the main game may be different in this game's plot) In a parallel world of Luxendarc, a world where four Elemental Crystals reside, the Wind, Water, Fire and Earth Crystals, have been attacked by the...
  5. HumanDawn

    Mafia Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Mafia - Day 6 - BAD END - ENDGAME MAFIA WIN

    Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Mafia [center]Hosted by HumanDawn; and Clusiana; Plot: (Please note that this game is set in an alternate universe) It was the day before Christmas Eve. Bobby...
  6. HumanDawn


    Nonary Game Ambidex Edition Based on the popular game from the Zero Escape series, Virtue's Last Reward What is the Nonary game? How does this edition of the game work? The Nonary game is a game that needs only 9 people involved in it to play it. This edition of the game has you have a...
  7. HumanDawn

    Mafia RWBY Volume 1 Mafia - Attack On Grim - Town Victory! - ENDGAME 09/12/2013

    RWBY Volume 1 Mafia - Attack On Grim INTODUCTION: STORY: HUNTING RULES: Players: 1) CrackFox; - PYYRHA NIKOS - WON - 3X UPGRADER 2) FinalArcadia; - JAUNE ARC - WON - VANILLA 3) Midorikawa; - YANG XIAO LONG - FAILED NIGHT 1 - COP WITH 75%...
  8. HumanDawn

    Pokemon XY Corocoro poster!

  9. HumanDawn

    Culted Cultists 19/08/2013 - Endgame Cult Mijzelffan, FinalArcadia and FairyGaga Win!

    Get culted, or get the cultists! Based on this role: Cultist - Epicmafia How to play: 1. Starting roles will be one Cult Leader, one town role blocker, and the rest Vanillas. 2. The Cult Leader has the QT. 3. Each night the Cult Leader will recruit one person and invite them to...
  10. HumanDawn

    What new goals do you expect Ash/Satoshi's possible new companions to have?

    Every companion Ash has traveled with has had a goal in mind that we see them try to accomplish throughout their journey. With many new features and content being implemented in X/Y, it is possible that the new companions' goals would be based on them. With the introduction of the...
  11. HumanDawn

    Mafia The Room Mafia: Johnny's Revenge 24/05/2013 - Endgame - Wurld Domination! JOHNNY WINS

    Welcome To The Room Mafia: Johnny's Revenge THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THE ROOM I RECOMMEND THAT YOU VIEW THIS HILARIOUS VIDEO: The Room Plot: After Johnny had been buried, the world became a better place. People started to improve the way they spoke, made more...
  12. HumanDawn

    Mafia Monster Mafia 10/05/2013 - Night Six - Akai Tsuki - SERIAL KILLER AKURAITO WIN

    Welcome to Monster Mafia! Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to Monster Mafia! This Mafia game will be hosted by 2 persons: Host - m0ckingbird20; (Skype Name: spil.k0st4s) Co-Host - HumanDawn; (Skype Name: humanirony). Feel free to add any of us on Skype if we are not in your...
  13. HumanDawn

    War Room Players Contact List (Time-zones, Skype and QuickTopic)

    In order to facilitate communications between players during the games, we have listed the willing section regulars here with their timezones and, if applicable, their Skype username, QuickTopic username and Daylight Saving Time period. If you want to be added to this list, post in this thread...
  14. HumanDawn

    Mafia Pokemon Best Wishes! Season 2 Mafia - ENDGAME TOWN AND INDEPENDENT WIN 06/01/13

    Pokemon Best Wishes Season 2 Opening - Best Wishes Full - YouTube Prologue It was the middle of the night. A seed was planted in the Unova League's biggest battlefield by a shadowy figure who was wearing a black cloak and had a hood that covered their faces. This seed instantly started...
  15. HumanDawn

    Walking Pokemon Feature?

    HeartGold and SoulSilver introduced the feature of having the Pokemon that is first in your party follow you. This feature was not implemented in B/W and B2/W2, much to the disappointment of fans. With Pokemon X and Pokemon Y having a 3D overworld, do you think that such a feature could possibly...
  16. HumanDawn

    Mafia Pokemon Best Wishes! Mafia - ENDGAME! - VICTORY FOR TOWN AND INDEP 10/11/12!

    Pokemon Best Wishes! Full Theme Story At 3:30 AM in the morning, the new and improved alarm of Nacrene City's Museum suddenly rang. The Gym Leader of Nacrene City, Lenora, rushed to the Museum, only to encounter Team Rocket trying to steal the GS Ball Kurt donated. After she showed up...
  17. HumanDawn

    Iris becoming the *BW2 Spoiler* of *Spoiler* in the generation 6 anime?

    If you do not want to be spoiled of some major BW2 details regarding Iris and Alder, please do not read what's in the spoiler tag.
  18. HumanDawn

    Any good and fun DP battles I should watch again?

    Are there any good and fun to watch battles in the DP saga that anybody would like to suggest to me? Because currently none are coming in my head right now.
  19. HumanDawn

    Do you think that the marketing department has ever affected the writing of the show?

    Do you ever think that marketing has ever affected the writing of the show? The decisions? The quality? The originality? Evolutions? Screen time of characters? The plot?
  20. HumanDawn

    Would've Dawn's skirt been lengthened if 4kids dubbed DP?

    Something that struck my mind as I saw the increase in length of Tori Meadow's pink skirt from the Japanese dub to the English dub was if 4kids still dubbed the show, would they have lengthened Dawn's short pink skirt too if they dubbed DP? It wouldn't be a huge stretch if they did. Think about...