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Search results

  1. PokePal15

    GEN VII: Have codes to trade

    Hey everyone! I've got a couple of extra codes to trade away if anyone wants them: Shiny Poipole (x1) Zekrom/Reshiram (x1) All codes are North American codes (U.S.) so if that will help you, let me know! While I wouldn't mind giving them away, if you have anything you'd like to trade me let...
  2. PokePal15

    GEN VII: LF: 2018 Regigigas/Heatran

    I am looking for either a Regigigas or Heatran OR the code to get one of them. I would prefer the code, but I will take either of the two instead if you have one on hand. It doesn't matter which one. To offer, I have a code for Dialga/Palkia OR a code for Entei/Raikou. I can also trade the...
  3. PokePal15

    GEN VI: Anniversary Darkrai Code

    I have an extra Darkrai code if anybody wants it. I can either download it to trade or I can give you the code if you prefer. I'm not looking for any Pokemon in particular, but I would like evolution items. Specifically, I'm looking for rare stones like Dusk/Dawn/Shiny or Sun/Moon Stones or...
  4. PokePal15

    GEN VI: Vivillon, Vivillon, and More Vivillon!

    I have a fairly simple request: I want to complete my Vivillon collection and I'm looking for the 5 patterns I have yet to get. Patterns needed: Continental Elegant Garden Meadow Monsoon River Tundra In exchange, I can offer you any of the other patterns. And yes, this does include both...
  5. PokePal15

    Offering Bulbasaur/Charmander/Freeze-Dry Lapras

    Due to a couple of breeding projects, I have an excess of some Pokemon that I really don't want to get rid of, so I'm hoping to trade them away to anyone who wants them. I will take pretty much anything, though I'd prefer Y-exclusives or evolution items (Dusk/Dawn/Shiny Stones, Metal Coat...
  6. PokePal15

    Wanted: Hidden Ability Eevee, Snivy, Vulpix, Absol

    Hey all, I'm looking for some specific Hidden Ability Pokemon, 2 for me and 2 for a friend of mine since I told him that I would see if I could get what he wants. I can't seem to find a Female Vulpix with it's Hidden Ability (I found 2 males in a row!) or an Absol with Justified in the Hidden...
  7. PokePal15

    Looking for Evolution Items

    I am looking for any evolution items such as stones (Thunder, Water, Dusk, Dawn, Shiny, etc.) or held items (Metal Coat, Razor Fang, Reaper Cloth, etc.). In return I can offer some hard-to-get Pokemon. I have several freshly-hatched UT Pokemon including Bagon (some with their Hidden Ability)...
  8. PokePal15

    Looking For Male Dragon (Egg-Group)

    I am currently looking for a Male Pokemon from the Dragon Egg-Group. I would like to try to breed my Bagon more quickly and would like to get a male from another game, preferably a different language game for Masuda Method, in order to do so. I will take any male from this egg-group, though I'd...