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    Say hello to two new moderators!

    Hello, everyone, hope you're all doing well. We now have the results of our latest staff drive, and I'm pleased to introduce CrackFox; and Setra; as War Room moderators. We look forward to seeing their contributions to WR and making the forum more fun for everyone. Let's give them both a...
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    Introducing two new mods!

    Hello, everyone. Hoping you're all well. Let me introduce you to two new moderators for Fun & Games. They are Night Sky; and Enzap;, who I'm sure many of you are already familiar with. We look forward to seeing their contributions to the forum and towards making F&G even more fun. Let's...
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    The Games Directory [Updated 4/8/15]

    Here's a list of all the active games in Fun and Games, as well as the previous versions of Random Messages. We'll do our best to keep this updated, but if you notice we're missing a game or a link in the list is broken, please let us know! For a list of the Fun and Games forum rules, go here...
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    Last Poster Wins [v7.0]

    Congratulations to Ebail; for winning the previous edition of LPW! Welcome to the seventh installment of Last Poster Wins! If you thought the sixth thread was good, you ain't seen nothing yet! The rules are simple: Whoever is the last poster is the thread winner. However, you lose the...
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    Two new moderators join the Fun and Games team!

    Hello, everyone. I have news regarding the Fun and Games sub-forum. Recently, Fynx; stepped down as this section's head, and I am honored to be appointed as her replacement. I hope to keep the forum running as efficiently as she did. Also, I'm pleased to announce that we have two new...
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    Rate the Pokemon Move Above You

    Similar idea to this thread, only for Pokemon moves and attacks instead. Rate the Pokemon move posted by the user above you out of ten, then name one yourself to continue the cycle for the next poster. Example: And so on. No glitch moves please. ~~ I'll begin the game with: Mirror Coat.
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    Pokemon Character Conversation

    Each user speaks as a Pokemon character, responding to the user above's character as they imagine their character would. You can choose any human or a Pokemon character from any Pokemon related-media. (Games, Anime, Manga, etc.) You don't have to stick to just one character, you can respond with...
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    Hey, everyone. I'm Bouffalant Herdier. I'm a massive fan of Pokemon, especially the video games, so I thought I'd sign up to Bulbagarden to speak to other passionate fans. I've been into the series ever since I first watched the Anime back in 1999. My favourite Pokemon is... well, that's just...