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    Games sold early?

    I hear from sources that a store at White BJS Wholesale Club 1007 US Highway 9 North Old Bridge NJ are selling the games Black and White earlier then intended. For New Jersey folks, this might be good news for you. However, I might need citations for this.
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    Regarding the Elemental Monkeys (Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour)

    I would make some sort of long story about the situation, but I'll cut to the chase. For those who don't know, Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour are currently protected because the names have appeared on the back of the English box art for Black/White. The problem comes form the fact that...
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    The Picnic

    Ok, here's the beef. You're going to a picnic and bringing an random item for the event, but the twist is that the items should be listed in alphabetical order with a new item being added per post. The list will be reseted after "Z" and the person that completes the list wins. Examples...
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    Contest Joltik vs. Wailord

    At first these two have nothing in common. Ones a spider and the other is a whale, ones a duel type Bug/Electric and the other is a pure Water type, and ones tiny and the other is gigantic. Wait a minute, "tiny" and "gigantic"? Thats right folks, this is a battle of size and oh boy this can't...
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    Contest A New Flame; Battle of Gen V fire types

    After years of the Fire type getting little love by Game Freak, Gen V came a long and introduced a handful of new Fire types, 15 to be exact (8 counting fully evolved Pokemon only). But these fire types aren't useless like say Torkoal, they can hold their own in a fight, such and Hihidaruma with...
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    Contest Toxic love; Battle between Grimer/Muk vs. Gulpin/Swalot vs. Trubbish/Garbodor

    VS. VS. These Pokemon have a fair amount of similarities. -All three are pure poison types -All three have similar stats, notably decent attack and defenses but average to pathetic speed. -Are part of a two stage evolution chain -Are introduced in odd numbered generations (1st, 3rd, and 5th...
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    Contest Parasect vs. Breloom vs. Amoonguss

    vs.vs. Battle of the Fungi! Who is stronger? Who is cooler? Who is more useful? Discuss and vote.
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    Contest Electrode or Magnezone

    Vs. Battle of the Artificial Electric types!
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    Contest Manectric vs. Houndoom

    Which do you like better? Manectric -Access to STAB Thunderbolt, fire type moves like Flamethrower, and other moves like Signal beam, Light Screen, Thunder wave, Hidden power, and Switcheroo. -Notable stats in Speed and Special attack (speed being superior to Houndooms) -Both abilities are...
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    Contest Dunsparce vs. Spinda

    VS. Welcome to the clash of the seldom thought of Normal types. In the red corner weighing at 30.9 pounds with a height of 4'11 feet, the kind of flinching and known to be sparse as holy hell: Dunsparce! *cheering* And in the blue Corner we have the challenger. All the way from...
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    Pokémon Musical

    I've noticed that nobody made a thread about this. Anyway, Pokémon Musical is a new feature in Black and White. As shown in the new promotional video, you dress up your Pokémon in all sorts of stuff and then they dance on a stage. The premise is that you must dance along with everyone else in...
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    http://pldh.net/home/index Oha Suta has just finished airing and revealed one of the features for Black and White, and a rather important one at that. "PokéShift" is how players will be able to transfer their pre-fifth generation Pokémon to the new games. All we know is you have to...
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    *Generic greeting*

    Where do I begin... Well first of all, I'm pretty happy to come here and say hello to complete strangers that I know nothing about. Second, I like Porygon and it's evolutions there pretty cool to use and their cyber ducks that shot lasers for Petes sake! I'm also into the Kirby series...