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    Did this happen to others?

    Here in England,we've finally started the galactic series. Today the last episode I saw was Paul vs Brandon. Then guess what comes on after? ARCEUS AND THE JEWEL OF FREEKING LIFE!!! So to most viewers unaware of spoilers in the future and the like Chimchar has evolved and the gang has...
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    I don't know. This could be fake. I'm hyped anyway. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Uyxx7fIbD8&feature=related Looks like we have a Deer, a Dolphin/Fish and a Snake. These look pretty cool though, even if they are fake. SPECULATE!!! :bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce:
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    Is it just me, or are the contests biased?

    This probably should go in some other thread, but I couldn't find one and wasn't really sure. I think that the contests seem to be bias against some trainers (Namely Jessie and Ursula) Heres my Exhample. In the Togekiss episode, seviper is literally playing with the Jubilee pokemon like a...
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    Pokemon YOU have a vendetta against

    A discussion for pokemon that are your archenemy. Pokemon that you really hate because the keep preventing your victory. You are professor Moriarty, they are Sherlock Holmes. Mine are: Infernape: I hate this OU monkey! It's the bane of my existence! Every time I get an advantage, in comes Mr...
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    In need of some directions

    I've set myself a challenge to watch every single Pokemon movie that I haven't seen in 1 day with no breaks. It's gone well so far (MUST HAVE DINNER! NEED DINNER! WANT FOOD! HELP MEEEE!) but I've come to a stump. MyVideo.com has so far supplied me with what I need but I can't get the remainder...
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    Contest Scyther vs Scizor vs Heracross vs Pinsir

    I've Always wanted to do one of these. I'm sure Envoy already had this planned, but i really wanted to do this. In a battle between Heracross, Pinsir, Scyther and scizor, Who would win. I like to call this group of insects 'Swarm 500' because of their base stats being equal. Well, here we go...
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    The Pokemon Adventures Manga Shipping Thread

    I'm surprised there wasn't already a thread like this. The Manga is like the Anime only slightly more mature, and that makes it all the better for us. I adore the Manga, having read the whole thing and just finishing my latest HGSS chapter, This thread is for the coupling of the Characters...
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    Ash's Gabite/Garchomp Speculation thread.

    Title says all. I think the reason the writers introduced Gible was too both break the Non-Dragon type flow Ash has and for it to eventually evolve and battle Cynthia. Thats just my opinion, but it's a bit of a coincidence don't you think? With Sunyshore Gym on the mark, I think it's fair to...
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    COMPLETE: A spacial encounter (PG)

    This is a oneshot that just whizzed through my head and Ineeded to get it on paper before I forget it. Yes, this is EXACTLY the same character from my Pokemon Knights University application, albeit before he went to the college. He has a expanded team, considering he had to leave most of them...
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    They aren't doing it!!!

    I'm trying to breed a Lead skarmory with Whirlwind and Brave Bird. I caught a female, put it in Day care with My Male Staraptor (with all the required moves) and waited. It's been 2 days now and they haven't...well...you know....got jiggy yet. I'm fully aware of the system used to denote the...
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    COMPLETE: A Legendary Slumber

    This isn't really a Fanfic, but just something i wanted to put onto here. It's a funny little sketch about just how much pokemon need their beauty sleep! And what they'll do to get it... The Legendary dragon Rayquaza glided down onto the top platform on Sky Pillar. It's been at least a...
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    Pokemon movie 13: PHANTOM RULER Z

    Theres probably already a thread for this but...
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    Why Hello thar!

    Hi. I'm Spiny, just thought i'd introduce myself as a member, I really like pokemon, so I joined to make friends, battle and discuss. :-D