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    GEN VII: Evolve my Rockruff?

    I am playing Pokemon Sun and so I already have a Midday Lycanroc, but anyone with Pokemon Moon willing to evolve my Rockruff to a Midnight Lycanroc and trade back?
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    GEN VII: Looking for: Starter eggs

    Just earlier today I picked up Pokemon Sun. And while the starting trio is kind of cute, they don't immediately strike me as standouts like the Kalos trio was. (Well, not yet anyway.) So, since I picked Litten as my starter, I want to acquire eggs for the other two, Rowlet and Popplio...
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    Now, or Later?

    Despite how I am looking forward to Sun and Moon, I didn't pick a copy up today. Yes it was in stock in time for release day, but I didn't get it, I didn't even ask to look at the box (I always glance at the back of box). Why? Because reasons. One is that I'm trying to succeed at Nanowrimo...
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    Blind or Spoiled - how much do you want to know?

    Basically the same question I asked when Gen VI was coming out. Currently, we didn't get things revealed as much as we got them teased ... the only things we know for certain are the names (Sun/Moon) and release date (end of 2016), everything else is a bunch of conjecture and educated guesswork...
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    Sun or Moon?

    Obviously, all we know for now is the names of them and more info is coming later ... but sometimes that's all you need to decide which one's destined to be your favorite. So, has anyone decided on their purchase strategy or is it still too early to call? [UPDATE 10th May] - We have the news...
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    Speculation New/Updated Poke Ball types

    What would be cool do with Pokeballs in future games of the series? Not just ideas for new Ball types, but pretty much anything relating to Poke Balls. Some of my thinking: Apricorn Balls - While it's true that many of them were of very limited use and/or got outclassed by other Ball types...
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    Pokémon Conquest

    So who's a fan of this tactical spinoff? It's been awhile since I've played a few grid-based Pokemon battles, but I decided to pick it up again and finish some of the postgame stories. My latest excursion was No's quest (female Warlord contest; conquer seven territories in central Ransei) and...
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    Everything is 8-bit again....

    About a month ago I stumbled across a tool called FamiTracker and have since been using it to arrange songs in NES chiptune style, and I've been uploading the results to my Youtube channel as I work on them. For example, here's my take on the classic Gilgamesh battle theme in Final Fantasy 5...
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    Hoenn Safari Zone

    What do you think it will be like in ORAS? Remember, the RS Safari Zone had four areas but Emerald expanded it with two additional areas postgame. Whereas XY has no official Safari zone, but has the Friend Safari in the postgame instead. Personally, I'm thinking they'll keep the main Safari...
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    Contest Megas Battle: Sceptile vs. Blaziken vs. Swampert

    It had to be done. CoroCoro reveals that Sceptile and Swampert are looking forward to Mega evolutions, making them the second full set of starter Pokemon to get Megas (after the Kanto starters, of course). So which one looks like it'll be your favorite, either in design or battle or whatever...
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    Contest Male vs. Female Pyroar

    Obviously the male and females of Kalos's new fiery lions are equal in stats, abilities, and movepool, so we're talking strictly aesthetics and design here. Which is your favorite? Which would you rather have on your team and why?
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    Media blackout zones?

    ...because "you're only unspoiled once" and "what has been seen, cannot be unseen" .... Granted we ARE talking remakes of RS, but with all the information that's coming out (especially at E3) where do you draw the line? Are there any specific things about the new Ruby/Sapphire that you want...
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    "thread automatically refreshed every 30 seconds" ... wat

    Is there a way for us to turn this 'feature' off? Please? It causes more problems than it's worth. There've been many times I've wanted to amend a post shortly after submitting it. No big deal, the forum displays the inline editor box on that post. Except that the editor suddenly disappears...
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    6IV Smeragles (only two)

    It took a lot of rummaging through PC boxes to find just the right Field-group Pokemon to start breeding with (because I don't have access to a Smeargle Friend Safari), probably at least ten generations of breeding and certainly a few hundred eggs (with requisite trips to Kiloude City to verify...
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    Forum search broken

    ... yeah.
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    Bulbagarden Gallery pages broken

    A community photo gallery - Bulbagarden Fanart Gallery Okay, so it's not fatally or 100% broken, but it does look like somebody set up us the bomb. The second and third PHP warnings are repeated (literally) hundreds of times across the entire page, in five groups of approximately 40-50...
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    GEN VI: Apricorn Vulpix

    This is a slightly tall order, so bear with me ... I'm looking for female Vulpix in pretty much any of Kurt's Apricorn Balls (with preference for the Fast Ball). You can only get them in SoulSilver. This is for the Ball type, so it must be either wild caught, or Kalos-born from a Johto mother...
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    Redundant notifications . . . why?

    So when I logged in tonight I find I have 10 notifications (2 PMs, 6 Likes, 2 Post Quotes). The problem is that those PMs appear to be automated notifications indicating I have been quoted. . . . what. Quotes already generate notifications of their own; what's the point in sending a PM...
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    Contest Lumiose City Cafés

    If Lumiose City is known for one thing (besides its landmark), it's that they have more Cafes than we have Starbucks. But do you have a favorite? The rundown: Cafe Action - A blue cafe on North Boulevard. People here talk about Trainer PR videos. Cafe Bataille - A green cafe on North...
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    Custom/rare Poké Ball breeding

    New to XY is that when you breed Pokémon, the baby inherits the mother's Poke Ball. So, if you want to store your Pokemon in matching-color Poke Balls or just like the novelty of having a few Pokemon here and there in an unusual Ball type, this is your thread! For example, does anyone think...